Adagio, Sonata, and Aria. They are the sirens with beautiful voices and in Equestria they look like seahorses anyways my favorite siren is Sonata she is just so funny and I feel bad for her the sirens are kinda mean to her and she doesn't do anything about that. Anyways we are here to talk about ALL of the sirens not just one. Adagio I read on a comment that they picure Adagio as a upside down mop with a bad attidude I agree. Aria the one that wants to be the leader of the Sirens and the really mean one and always picks on Sonata ad I don't like it so my least favorite Siren is Aria Blaze.
Dazzlings as Sirens EG2

Seahorses a.k.a Sirens

Adagio and Aria looking at Sonata EG2