Applejack.... Ok so she is the element of honesty. But she only did that like 2 times,when the apple sider thing and the first one (Friendship is Magic part 1-2)anyways she is tough works hard but the real question is....Who is her parents the only pony that takes care of them (Apple Bloom ,Applejack,and Big Mac) is Granny Smith and sometimes she can't take care of Big Mac,Apple Bloom,and Applejack. I just want to know what happened to them and how they died? In one of the episodes they show 2 comets and I think they may be her parents. She never asks about her parents like they died when she was a filly and never wanted to talk about them. We know that Granny Smith is an elder pony(duh) and is she the mom's mom or the dad's mom? If you have any ideas of her parents please let me know in the coments. Bye!

FANMADE Super-happy Applejack

Applejack in a happy mood