Trixie "not if the Great and Powerful Trixie" EG2


She is a drama queen,sassy, and thinks she's better than the mane 6. Well newsflash Trixie NO ONE IS BETTER THAN THE MANE 6! She wants to be the winner in the battle in the bands. She doesn't seem that bad in EG1 but she is mean in EG2. Anyways I don't like Trixie she is just to mean. 

Trixie ID EG2

All sassy Ms.Perfect

Why she is mean?

That question is easy..... She wants to be the star of the whole thing. Like I said up there she is a drama queen and she wants to be popular and people who want to be popular are kinda mean (well that's what I saw).

In the show.

In Boast Busters she is a bragger and in Magic Deul she comes back to challenge Twilight and takes the Alicorn Amulet and cheats in the challenge and  makes Twilight leave PonyVille but luckiley Zocora teaches Twilight to use magic but well she cheats too but it was Trixie's fault like a little kid... SHE STARTED IT! Anyways she kinda reforms at the end of Magic Deul but I guess sents she never did that in the human world she never acts nice in EG2. Anyways have a great day and let me know what you think of Trixie bye!