Here's the questions:

  • Is it wrong for me to like ponies just cause I'm from CP? (Creepypasta)
  • Does everypony hate me?
  • Who's your favorite pony? I like RD.
  • How excited are you ponies for season three? You should've seen me when I heard the newz about it! XD
  • What should the CMC's have for their cutie marks?
  • Would you rather be a pegasus, unicorn, or an earth pony? I wanna be a pegasus like RD!!
  • How long have you been a brony. About 2 months for me......
  • Who's your favorite villan in MLP? Nightmare Moon, Discord, or Queen of the changlings.
  • What's your favorite MLP episode? I liked the Royal Pony Wedding!!

Now to luck:

  • Derpy Hooves toy from BronyCon came in.
  • I have over 30 ponies
  • SEASON 3 OF MLP!!!!