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    MWIZI  (his name is Swahili for "Theif")

    Voice: Steven Ogg

    Species: Giant Pangolin (Scaly Anteater)

    Sex: Male

    Height: 60–65 cm (24–26 in)

    Length: 2.5–3.0 metres (8.2–9.8 feet) (long including the tail)

    Weapons: Hard scaly Body Armor

    Personailty: Inteligent, Cunning

    Apperance: Scaly Body Armor, always on his hind legs

    Home: Land of The Zebra's (SouthEast of Equstria)

    Weakness: Being Overpowerd by Anypony (Dispite his Armor)

    Discription: Mwizi comes from The Land of The Zebra's, he steals anything he see's, (ecpsially if its silver, Gold, or Platinuim), he was caught stealing gems, in a zebra villiage, and was banished by the Cheif of the villiage out of The Land Of The Zebra's, Mwizi then came to Equstria, and eight days later, comes across Ponyvilile…

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    Voice: Frank Welker (although he dosn't speak, other then grunts and groans)

    Species: Elephant (African)

    Sex: Male

    Height: 3.30 metres (10.9 ft)

    Tusk Length: 1.8–2.6 m (9 ft)

    Weapons: Tusk's, Strength, Trunk

    Pesonaility: Always Angry, Tramples anything, anypony and anyzebra he see's

    Apperance: Grey wrinkly skin, Blood Shot Eyes,  Left Broken Tusk

    Home: Land Of The Zebra's (SouthEast of Equstria)

    Weakness: Can be scared by loud noises (simialer to how elephants can easliy spooked by loud noise's), Rainbow Power

    Discrption: Little is known about Mbaya, other then he lives in the jungle's of The Land Of the Zebra's, but sometimes enter's the Savahna to eat, Long after the dfreat of Discord, Lord Tirek, King Sombra, Sampa (first time i ever put a F…

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    Voice: Billy Zane (doing a very good imittation of Paul Free's)

    Species: Cat

    Sex: Male

    Height:  90 to 110 cm (35 to 43 in)

    Length: 270 to 310 cm (110 to 120 in) (Nose to Tail)

    Weapons: Sharp Teeth and Claws (only use's them, when needed)

    Personaillty: Greedy, Love's Fashion, Manipuliative, Smooth Talker, a bit Power Hungry 

    Apperance: Wisker's form a mustach, French Accent, Slender, fur makes him look as through his wearing a Tuxido

    Home: Manehatten (although the place were he comes from is unknown, most likely a place far off of equstria which has pony sized cats.)

    Weakness: Can easliy over powered by anypony.

    Discription: When Rarity goes to Manehatten, along with spike joining her, she attends a fashion show, run by Coco Pommel, in …

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    OPA (his name is eygptian for "Death")

    Voice: Ned Luke

    Species: Cobra

    Sex: Male

    Height: 6ft (only when he rears up)

    Length: 4 meters

    Weapons: Venomis Fangs (can cause his victims into a unresponsve trance-like state)

    Personality: Intelagient, Hates anyother animals and ponys with legs, Deadly, Has no good in him

    Apperance: Sharp Fangs, Hood always out, Grey Scales, Slender

    Home: Saddle Arabia/ Land of the Zebras (Southeast of Equstria)

    Weakness: Can easliy be overpower by Celistia and Luna, Rainbow Power

    Discrption: Opa comes from the Land of the Zebra's, altohugh he travels to Saddle Arabia sometimes, living alone, He hates ponys and animals with legs, which is a hate he was born with, he comes across the kingdom of Saddle Arabia, where he strikes fe…

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    SAMPA (Her name is Aleut for "Death Wings")

    Voice: Cathy Moriarty

    Species: Owl (mixed with Snowy and great horned)

    Sex: Female

    Height: 5ft(9 "in")

    Wingspan: 2 1/2 meters

    Weapons: Speed (56 mph), Talongs

    Personality: Dectator, Manipulative, Intelagient

    Apperance: White and Brown Feathers, Small Beak, White Robe

    Home: ElkHeim (Northwest of Equstria)

    Weakness: Elements of Harmony/ Rainbow Power

    Discription: Long after the defeat of Discord, King Somba, and Lord Tirek, Sampa came to Equstria (after she was Banished from Elkheim) looking to rule it, she came across the castle of the two sisters, where sneakaly she befriended Celistia, with Luna's untrust and dissaprovel, luna didn,t trust Sampa, and one night, and one night she followed her to hideout in …

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