SAMPA (Her name is Aleut for "Death Wings")

Voice: Cathy Moriarty

Species: Owl (mixed with Snowy and great horned)

Sex: Female

Height: 5ft(9 "in")

Wingspan: 2 1/2 meters

Weapons: Speed (56 mph), Talongs

Personality: Dectator, Manipulative, Intelagient

Apperance: White and Brown Feathers, Small Beak, White Robe

Home: ElkHeim (Northwest of Equstria)

Weakness: Elements of Harmony/ Rainbow Power

Discription: Long after the defeat of Discord, King Somba, and Lord Tirek, Sampa came to Equstria (after she was Banished from Elkheim) looking to rule it, she came across the castle of the two sisters, where sneakaly she befriended Celistia, with Luna's untrust and dissaprovel, luna didn,t trust Sampa, and one night, and one night she followed her to hideout in a marsh part of the everfree forest, and found out she plans to overthrow Celistia and Luna and rule Equstira, Luna warns Celistia, but Imprisvovly Ceslistia had been anticapateding this, and when Sampa attacks, she manges to defeat Luna, but finds it very diffacult to defeat Celistia, Both Celistia and Luna Manages to use the elements of Harmony on her,destroying her, leaving nothing but a feather, which blows away in the wind, years go by, and the feather (which holds her spirit) breaks in two, which frees her from her death, she then vows vengances on both the princess, she returns to equstria in the middle of the night she attacks Celistia in her own room, and during the fight she warns celistia for the next night, she will kill her and Luna for the throne, Sampa leaves just as the roalyl guards come, leaving no trace behind, Celistia contacts Twilight and warns her about Sampa, saying she needs Twilight and her friends to use the rainbow power on her and defeat her so that she never comes back, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy with the help of Shining Armor and the roaly guards to set up an ambush for her, but unfortinally Sampa, being Intelagient, expected this and she Maipulates Pinkie pie, Fluttershy, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash , Rarity and even Spike (in shadow) into thinking that Twilight was going to abandon them to save Celistia and Luna, and leave them. the five get angry at twilight and leave her behind, Twilight (thinking she lost her friends) is heartbroken, but continues on her mission, meanwhille Sampa ambushes the five tricked them into abondoning twilight, she attacks them and defeats them (spike even tries to attack her to, but dosen't get far.) and moves on to Celistia and Luna, she Attacks Celistia and Luna in the throne room, and Twilight and Shinnig Armor come to stop her, the battle countiues outside as Sampa flies away, with Twilight right behind, she manges to bring Sampa down with her magic and the battle continues in ponyville,(right in front of Town Hall) both battle each other, but the mane five come to Twilights aid, apologizing to about aboundoning her and all six use rainbow power on Sampa, this time Killing her for good.