OPA (his name is eygptian for "Death")

Voice: Ned Luke

Species: Cobra

Sex: Male

Height: 6ft (only when he rears up)

Length: 4 meters

Weapons: Venomis Fangs (can cause his victims into a unresponsve trance-like state)

Personality: Intelagient, Hates anyother animals and ponys with legs, Deadly, Has no good in him

Apperance: Sharp Fangs, Hood always out, Grey Scales, Slender

Home: Saddle Arabia/ Land of the Zebras (Southeast of Equstria)

Weakness: Can easliy be overpower by Celistia and Luna, Rainbow Power

Discrption: Opa comes from the Land of the Zebra's, altohugh he travels to Saddle Arabia sometimes, living alone, He hates ponys and animals with legs, which is a hate he was born with, he comes across the kingdom of Saddle Arabia, where he strikes fear into everypony, The deligates of Saddle Arabia come across him, on his rampage, and order him to leave and never come back, Opa almost attacks them, but his stoped by the Deligates royal guards, before he could be sent to Tartarus, he escapes back to the land of the Zebra's, were again he invades the villaige of Zebras (were Zecora was Born) striking terror into everypony, he is chased away by the Zebra guards from the village, where he makes it to Equstria, and makes his home in the everfree forest, a day after his arrivel, Opa comes across Zecoras, where Applebloom is visting her, as she heads home after her vist, Opa follows AppleBloom, undetricted in which she makes it to ponyville in which Opa see's Ponyville from the edge of the everfree forest, Opa plains his attack on ponyville and during that night, when Luna Raises the moon and everypony is asleep, Opa sneaks into ponyville and bites his first three victims (Cherry Fizzy, Daisy and Lilly Valley) all three are in a Trance-like state where they are still alive, but can't get up, there eyes are roled back to heads and are vein shot, and there bodys are stiff, Twilight and her friends are on the scene, and look what happend, all see a large snake bite on there bodys, they are unsure on what but Twilight tells Mayor Mare tell everpony else that everything is undercontrol and whatever did this will be stoped, that night Opa comes back and bites more victims (Noteworthy, Octavia, Lucky Clover, Twinkleshine, Lyra, Lemon Heart, Blossomforth and Pony Joe) after this the rest of ponyville begin to Panic, The Mane Six must get to the bottom of this, Twilight writes an emergency letter to both Celistia and Luna about whats happing, and Celistia calls a meeting in ponyville town hall, she and twilight anounce that sercirty will be doubled untill whoever is doing this is captured, Opa overhears this and during that night he goes to Canterlot, and bites everypony in Canerlot during that night, he then targets the castle, bitting some of the guards as well, as he makes it threw the caslte he is eventally caught by Princess Luna, who receveid twilights letter along with Celestia and asked by Celestia to watch the castle as she intends the meeting, luna finds out that Opa was the one who bit the ponys in ponyville, and the two battle each other, Luna Overpowers Opa and right before luna could do anything else, Opa Bites her at the right momment, and then escapes, Celistia still at the meeting sinces this and her and twilight make it back to canterlot, to find everpony and some of the guards in canterlot bitten, and then to come across Luna Bitten as well, upove her lying unresponsve body on wall is writting, written in snake venom saying "My Terror Has Beguin" Luna is watched over by Celistia as Twilight and her friends plan to put a stop to Opa with there Rainbow Power, but they do not know where he gose, Zecora however dose know where he is, after the meeting on her way home she came across Opa's snake trail which leads into another part of the Everfree forest, she leads them trail and the trail leads them to hillside part of the forest, unaware from the brushes, Opa watches them, and slithers back to ponyville, meanwhille in ponyville Spike looks after things, with Mayor Mare giving orders to celistia guards to check every nook and cranny in ponyville while The mane six and zecora go out to stop Opa, when spike make sure everthing in twilights home is safe, Opa ambush's him and dosn't bite him, but holds him for ransom, The mane six contiue to follow Opa's trail, but stop, when his trail stops at a river side, Opa then Reveals himself and as he holds spike hostage, and warns them if they do anything he will bite him, and the only way he would release him if the mane six lets him be to contiue bitting everypony else with his venom across Equstria, knowing they have only choice the mane six agree and spike is set free, but at that momment Opa attacks the mane six and Zecora trying to bite one of them, Twilight then blasts him with her magic, stunning him a little, a right before the mane six can use the rainbow power on him, he quickly slithers away with the mane six chaseing him through the hill side of the everfree forest, Opa makes out of everfree forest to a large feild, where Celistia is there waiting for him sensing the mane six are after him, and both fight eachother, the mane six arrivie just in time, when celistia overpowers Opa, and right before Opa is about to bite Celistia, at that momment, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy use the rainbow power on Opa, killing him, during  the rainbow power all of Opa's victims including Princess Luna, snap out of there Trance,-like state, after the rainbow power, all that is left Opa is his skin,(the same way snakes can shed there skin)

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