Voice: Billy Zane (doing a very good imittation of Paul Free's)

Species: Cat

Sex: Male

Height:  90 to 110 cm (35 to 43 in)

Length: 270 to 310 cm (110 to 120 in) (Nose to Tail)

Weapons: Sharp Teeth and Claws (only use's them, when needed)

Personaillty: Greedy, Love's Fashion, Manipuliative, Smooth Talker, a bit Power Hungry 

Apperance: Wisker's form a mustach, French Accent, Slender, fur makes him look as through his wearing a Tuxido

Home: Manehatten (although the place were he comes from is unknown, most likely a place far off of equstria which has pony sized cats.)

Weakness: Can easliy over powered by anypony.

Discription: When Rarity goes to Manehatten, along with spike joining her, she attends a fashion show, run by Coco Pommel, in which Rarity shows her new dress's made by herself ,which everypony in Manehatten wants there hoove's on, unkowing to rarity she is being watched from the crowrd by Henri Meowrice, who greatly approves of her dress's, after the show, when Rarity heads back to her Hotel room (as Spike goes to a Hot Dog stand outside), Henri Meowirice revales himself to her, and tells Rarity how much he loves her dress deisign, Henri Meowrice ask's rarity if she would like to Make a Brand new Fashion line for all of everypony to love across Equstria and beyond, which Rarity says yes to, if her friends can help her as we,ll ( Spike who overheard  the conversation outside is unsure about this, He wants her to design beaitful and greet dress's for everypony across Equstria, but he also dosn't want her to leave Ponyville), Not knowing to the both of them Henri Meowrice is planning to capture Rarity, drain some of her magic, to sell raritys creative dress's, across equstria, all for one thing "MONEY" Rarity and Spike head back to ponyville to tell the others ther great news, in which all are excited, spike is still unsure of this and counitunes to worry about this, as the mane six and himself travel San Fransiscolt to meet Henri Meowrice there, they are interdouced by Rarity to Henri Meowrice, and the five are unsure of him, (espically Twilight, AppleJack, and Rainbow Dash who dont trust him on sight). over the corse the the three days in San Fransiscolt, Rarity and the five design dress's with Henri Meowrice's approlve, not knowing Henri Meowrice has his Henchcats (skinny black cats) watch them as they work, on the third day the dress's are ready to be selled everywhere across equstria, as they pack them, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Spike, discuss about how they don't trust Henri Meowrice, at that momment when go to see rarity about Henri Meowrice, His henchcats sneak in at the right momment as they leave and steal the dress's, Meanwhille rarity is happy for her new dress's to be sould across Equstria, up until Henri Meowrice tells her that, he will use to beautiful dress's for him to make money and to obsorb her magic so he can control her and make dress's more fancy (despite her think the dress's are good how they look) she tries to escape him, but his henchcats surround her, Henri Meowrice then obsorbs her magic with his paws and eyes, and then with his henchcats captures her, but before they left, in a last ditch effort for her friends to save her, she writes down the words on the wall with the last bit of magic she has left, "Train Station, Las Pegasus, Quick!!!" Twilight, Spike and the other's make it to the room, but find it empty, and find the writing, and quickly run towards the train station, but they are to late to catch the train she is heild hostage on, in a magic proof cage headed towards Las Pegasus, they quickly board another train to Las Pegasus and hope they can make on time, the next morning the train with Rarity on it is the first to make to Las Pegasus, and Rarity is carried away in a pony sized cage, by Henri Meowrices henchcats towards the tourist attractions, where Henri Meowrice plains to sell the dress's, the train with twilight and the others arrives seven hours later and go around asking on if they,ve seen rarity or any cats around, in which spike does get luckey when a filly tells him he saw some pony sized cats carrying a large crate, which sounded like somepony was inside, spike then heads off to the rescue, and luckly finds them just in time, he manges to stop them, but Henri Meowrice has his henchcats to attack spike, the five eventually find spike and distract the cats and spike deals with Henri Meowrice, during the small battle, spike mange's to free Rarity, and twilight stuns Henri Meowrice with her magic, giving Rarity the right time to obsorb her magic and get it back, right before Henri Meowrice can attack Rarity, The Las Pegasus ponys in blue, come in and arrest Henri Meowrice for kindnapping and robbery, as he and his henchcats are brought away in custody, Henri Meowrice says.....

Henri Meowrice: "And i would have gotten away with it to if it were'nt for that little Dragon!!!!

Rarity: (sarcasticly) Save it for your nine live sentince Darling!!!

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