Voice: Frank Welker (although he dosn't speak, other then grunts and groans)

Species: Elephant (African)

Sex: Male

Height: 3.30 metres (10.9 ft)

Tusk Length: 1.8–2.6 m (9 ft)

Weapons: Tusk's, Strength, Trunk

Pesonaility: Always Angry, Tramples anything, anypony and anyzebra he see's

Apperance: Grey wrinkly skin, Blood Shot Eyes,  Left Broken Tusk

Home: Land Of The Zebra's (SouthEast of Equstria)

Weakness: Can be scared by loud noises (simialer to how elephants can easliy spooked by loud noise's), Rainbow Power

Discrption: Little is known about Mbaya, other then he lives in the jungle's of The Land Of the Zebra's, but sometimes enter's the Savahna to eat, Long after the dfreat of Discord, Lord Tirek, King Sombra, Sampa (first time i ever put a Fanmade villian on the defeat list) and the banishment of Nightmare Moon, Princess celistia travels to the Land of the Zebra's to attend a Festavel held in the same zebra villiage that Zecora will be born in years to come, as the festival contunes through sundown, the Zebra's set off firework, not knowing that nearby Mbaya has come out to eat, the sound of the firworks spook and enrage him, which cause's him to attack the villiage, knocking down and trampling structers, and stricking terror in the zebra's, Princess Celistia acts quickly and puts a stop to Mbaya's rampage, she blast's him many time with her magic, which enrage's him, up to when Princess Celistia Blast's him so hard, that she blast's him back (just like what happend to Queen Chrysalis) knocking him unconsuss, Celistia's royal guard's then take him away and leave him on the edge of the jungle, Mbaya wakes up 3 hour's later and walks back in the jungle, thousands of year's go by, and when Celistia vists The Land Of the Zebra's again  (visting a diffrent villiage, on the edge of the jungle), Mbaya who is eating on the edge of the jungle spot,s the villiage and recoginze's Celistia, and as she leaves Mbaya follows her, keeping a hidden and slow pace, Celistia makes it back to Canterlot, Mbaya make's it to the Everfree Forest 10 hour's later, as he looks for Celistia in the forest, Rainbow Dash flies alone above the everfree forest practicing some flying and then doing a Sonic RainBoom, but unfortunally the sond of the Sonic RainBoom spooks and enrage's Mbaya and he goes on a rampage knocking down tree's, and throwing tree's (one of which almost hits Rainbow Dash) she flys down to teach him a lesson, but this makes Mbaya more mad, and he charge's at her, she luckly dodge's him and almost gets hit by another tree thrown at her, knowing she's no match for Mbaya she flies away, but Mbaya follows her (he's not fast enough but he does follow the direction she went). Rainbow Dash makes it to Fluttershy's cottoge, very exgusated, Fluttershy notice's her and ask's her why she is so exguasted, but right before rainbow can say anything, Mbaya charge's out of the forest and scare's all of Fluttershy's animal's, he then charge's toward's Sweet Apple Acre's and knocks down some of apple tree's and even rips some of the apple tree's from the ground and throws them around and even destroys the Barn.  AppleJack, Applebloom and Big Macintosh come upon the damage and are shocked, AppleJack tries to lasso Mbaya, and mange's to catch him by one of his tusk's, but Mbaya yanks the rope, which toss's applejacks, but rainbow dash luckly catch's her, Fluttershy then trys to do the stare on Mbaya, but because he's so enraged it dosn't work, she almost even gets hurt, when Mbaya throws an apple cart at her, but she luckly pulled out of the way by Big Macintosh, seeing Ponyville in the distance, Mbaya then target's ponyville, everypony is unaware Mbaya up until he come's in ponyville and cause's everypony to run in terror, (Pinkie Pie, however, greets him and even jokenly calls him JUMBO, which angers him, Pinkie is even then, told by Rarity not call anything bigger the her by a nickname that might offend them.) Mbaya rampage's through ponyvile, knocking down structur's, trampling stand's, everything, Twilight and Spike emerge wondering what all the commotion is, and see Mbaya, Twilight then flies Mbaya blasting him with her magic, which anger's him, Mbaya then grabs Twilight and throws her at a pile of barrels, right before he can attack her even more, he gets a good look at her, Twilight attacking him reminds him of the battle between him and celistia thousands of years ago, he then calms down and walks away back in the forest, the others run to twilight to make sure she's okay, twilight is unhurt, but when Fluttershy ask's why he looked at her like that, twilight replies that she dosen't know, as the sun sets and everypony around ponyville fixs up the mess, The mane six and spike go to Canterlot to tell Celistia what happened, meanwhile Mbaya watch's the ponys clean up hiddin in the edge of the Everfree Forest, He then see's Celistia's Castle far off in the distance, knowing that is where she is, Mbaya heads in that direction, but this time takes another routie up there, so he won't be spotted, the mane six and spike make to canterlot and tell celistia what happend, Celistia immedetly knows what they're talking about, and tells them about Mbaya, she also tells them, the reason he's in equstria is to finish his battle with her, right at that momment, one of Celistia's guards rush's in and tells her that Mbaya has been spotted outside the castle entrance, Celistia tells the manes six because Mbaya is looking for her, she will face him alone, and the right momment the Mane Six will use the Rainbow Power on him, Celistia then meets Mbaya outside, and the two battle each other, the Mane six and princess luna watch waiting for celistia's to give them the chance to finish Mbaya off, Clesitia blast's Mbaya many times with her magic, which continues to anger him even more, he then grabs her by the tail and throws her at the castle walls, although she's hurt ,she still blasts him with her magic, he grabs her again (this time by the Horn and throws to the ground, right before Mbaya can kill her, Twilight blast's Mbaya with her magic to get his attetion, and the mane six show themselves to Mbaya, Mbaya Charge's at them, but before he could get any closer, the Mane six Blast him with Rainbow Power, Killing Him, Twilight and Princess Luna rush to Celistia's side, Celistia recived a broken back leg, and a large scar from one of Mbaya's tusks on her chest, but she will heal fast.

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