MWIZI  (his name is Swahili for "Theif")

Voice: Steven Ogg

Species: Giant Pangolin (Scaly Anteater)

Sex: Male

Height: 60–65 cm (24–26 in)

Length: 2.5–3.0 metres (8.2–9.8 feet) (long including the tail)

Weapons: Hard scaly Body Armor

Personailty: Inteligent, Cunning

Apperance: Scaly Body Armor, always on his hind legs

Home: Land of The Zebra's (SouthEast of Equstria)

Weakness: Being Overpowerd by Anypony (Dispite his Armor)

Discription: Mwizi comes from The Land of The Zebra's, he steals anything he see's, (ecpsially if its silver, Gold, or Platinuim), he was caught stealing gems, in a zebra villiage, and was banished by the Cheif of the villiage out of The Land Of The Zebra's, Mwizi then came to Equstria, and eight days later, comes across Ponyvilile, he then enters in ponyvilile, and sneaks around, keeping himself in the shadows, he then see's Spike, and is surprised to a dragon in ponyvilile, he then comes up with a plan, Sneaking into the Everfree Forest, he comes across Zecora's Hut, and as she leaves to go in ponyvilile, he sneaks in her house and looks through her potions, he then comes across one that has the abilitie to change a pony into somthing else, he swips it and leaves her hut, without a trace, but however that night when Zecora returns home, she surprised to see one of potoins missing, The next Day, Spike gose to Town Hall, to right a report scroll to Princess Celistia, not knowing, Mwizi, watching him in the shadows, drinks the potion, which turns him into spike, and as spike works, Mwizi (looking like spike) gose around stealing golden chains and neckalce's from ponys, he even steals stuff and dose stuff around the mane six, like stealing apples from Applejack (whlie being caught by her) and escaping from her, stealing silver plates and pans from Pinkie Pie (being caught by her as well), Stealing gems from  (and complanting that the dress should use more brown, which Rarity faints in shock over), bumps into Fluttershy, and yells at her (which makes her cry), and even a steals a silver medal, Rainbow Dash won in a race, (Stealing it while she shows it to the cutie mark crusaders), he then escapes, and right on time as well, The potion weared off, and Mwizi change's back to his normal self, as the day ends Spike heads home only to find Everypony in Ponyvilile mad at him, spike runs off back home but when he enters inside, he's confronted, by an angry Twilight with the other five who are angry as well, and acusse him of stealing, which spike say's he did,nt do anything, the mane six leave him angrly, as spike tears up, spike then gose out to search for who ever has been doing this, as he search's he spots one of Raritys gems on the ground (one of the many Mwizi stole and accidently droped)  the gem lies in front of the everfree froest, Spike enters the forest and search's for who ever has been stealing stuff in ponyvilie, he then comes across Mwizi's footprints, but before he could follow them, he's quickly knocked out cold by Mwizi himself, who knew Spike would probbaly be looking for who ever's been stealing around ponyvilile, Spike wakes up 12 minutes later to find his arms chained against the a tree, and tries to free himself, but it dosent work he even tries blow fire at the chains, but the chains are fire proof, Mwizi then reveales himself to Spike and reveals that he was the one who was stealing around ponyvilile, when he stole a poition from Zecora, that changed himself to look just like spike, he also reveals that he plans to steal more in canterlot, and sense he can't have a eye witness, he leaves spike and cointues with his plan, Meanwhile Twilight and the others are still angry at spike, but Zecora comes to them, and say's it wasn't spike who was stealing things, it was somepony else posing as him, she explains, right before they thought spike was stealing in ponyvilie, she noticed that one of her potions was missing, the one that can turn ponys into somthing else, The mane six realise that spike was inocient all along, and go out to find him, Winona (AppleJacks Dog) helps out by tracking his scent, she sucsessfully finds and leads the mane six to spike, back in the forest, spike tries very hard to get his arms free, but no matter what, he's still can't get them free, The Mane Six find him, and Twilight and rarity free his arms, they all apoligize to him for being mad at him, spike acciept they apolgezes and says nothing can tear him away from his friends, he then warns the that Mwizi is planning to steal in Canterlot, and all rush to Canterlot to stop Mwizi, Mwizi has made it to canterlot but before he could steal anything, Spike and the mane six confronts him, Mwizi is shocked to see spike, and quickly runs away, Spike, Twilight, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy and Winona all chase after him, Spike then finds and confront him at the canterlot train Station, Mwizi tries to run in the other direction, but Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie block his path, Mwizi then attacks Spike, He and Rainbow Dash try to fight back, but his Scaly body armor is hard for them to get by, Mwizi drops his bag that he use's to put the stuff he steals in, and Pinkie Pie takes, which makes Mwizi chase after her, she then accidently drops it, Spike then gets a hold of the bag, but then is confronted by Mwizi, who right before he could get hold of Spike, Twilight, AppleJack, Rarity and Fluttershy come with help from Princess Celistia's royal guards who stop Mwizi, spike gets away unharmed with the bag, he and Pinkie Pie take a look in the bag, and find every thing that Mwizi stole in Ponyvilile, including the stuff that he stole from the mane six, Mwizi is then banished to Tartarus in a diffrent cell, (room like cell at the base of the mountian in Tartarus)

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