Do you like Sparity?

Do you like Equestria Girls?

Do you wish the Sparity elements in Equestria Girls were more than what they were?

Well, look no further!

Introducing the "Ask EG Spike x Rarity" Tumblr. Headed by insanely good artist Pia "Pia-chan/Pia-sama" Gabriela, who's drawn tons of Sparity fan art, this up-and-coming Ask Blog answers the question, "What if Spike were turned into a human in Equestria Girls (and aged up)?"

The shipping-savvy among you already know where this is going.

So if you like both Sparity and Equestria Girls, check out the Tumblr below. And if you don't know who Pia-chan/Pia-sama is, check out her deviantART page, also linked below.