Now that season 4 is 15 episodes in, let's do a bit of taking stock. I'm sure we've all had oscillating opinions of characters over the past 3 seasons; now that season 4 is halfway over, have any those opinions changed? Any character(s) you now like that you previously disliked, or vice versa?

Myself, I'd say my opinion of Applejack has changed the most drastically. While she's been written as a very solid, levelheaded character for the first 3 seasons, her character exploits and outings were never what I would have called extraordinary. Not to say her moments didn't provide a sense of balance against the rest of the main cast's idiosyncrasies, but I guess I was always left a little wanting when it came to her character.

And boy, has this season satisfied that want so far.

Her adorable new hat in Daring Don't. Her superpowered outing in Power Ponies. Her squabbles with her family in Pinkie Apple Pie. And do I even need to mention Simple Ways? Needless to say, Applejack has really, really grown on me this season. She might just be my third favorite Mane 6 pony now.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, there's Rainbow Dash. Now don't get me wrong -- I still like Dashie just fine. But I can't deny that my opinion of her has changed at least a little. I still enjoy her brashness, attitude, and occasional adorkableness (see the aforementioned Daring Don't, as well as Rarity Takes Manehattan). And maybe I need another RD episode or two to really solidify my thoughts. But among the Mane 6, I think Rainbow Dash has undergone the least change in season 4 thus far. And it's caused me to find her a little... for lack of a better word... boring. (Which is ironic, as I used to have the same complaint about Applejack before season 4.) As well as her nerdy side, I would really like to see more of Rainbow Dash's calm, sympathetic, nurturing side -- the side of her we saw in Hurricane Fluttershy and Sleepless in Ponyville. (I think Filli Vanilli was a bit of a missed opportunity there.)

Once again, I still like Rainbow Dash just fine. I just feel she's being sorely underutilized this season.

But enough out of MY big mouth. What about the rest of you? What opinions of characters do you have that have changed (for better or for worse) since season 4 started?