Okay, so I dunno if anyone's made an E3-related blog post yet, but if not, then here's the first. Whoop-dee-doo for me. Moving right along.

E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo for those of you who've been living in a cave, has come and gone. Anyone else been following the coverage/press conferences/hands-on demonstrations?

Any particular announcements about this year's E3 you liked? Didn't like? What 2013/2014 release are you most looking forward to? Here are a handful of my prospects (from most excited to least):

  • Kingdom Hearts III (FINALLY!!!)
  • Final Fantasy XV (SAME AS KHIII!!!)
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (MEGA MAN!!!)
  • The new Xeno game for Wii U by Monolith Soft (MECHAS!!!)
  • Tales of Xillia (TALES!!!)
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX (TROPHIES!!!)
  • Pokémon X and Y (um... Fairy-type? XD)
  • Sonic Lost World (not as excited for this as the others, but it sure looks fun!)

Also, of the three next-gen consoles -- PS4, Wii U, or Xbox One -- which, if any, will you be picking up (if you haven't already in the Wii U's case)? Wii U will definitely be my first, with PS4 sure to come some time later.

UPDATE: Microsoft says, "Whoops! Let's try that again!" Still not an Xbox gamer, but I'm sure THIS is good news for those of you who are.