I asked you a while ago what your favorite fan-made MLP song/magician was. Now for something similar but different.

What's your favorite Friendship is Magic fanfiction or fan-made animation? Do you like reading a lot of MLP fictions? Or are you more partial to things like The Mentally Advanced Series and PONY.MOV?

I have personally read "My Little Dashie" over ten times and listened to Mic the Microphone's dramatic reading of it at least five times. (I must be a masochist...) I've also recently discovered "Rainbow Dash Presents" and the MLP/Phoenix Wright crossover "Turnabout Storm".

By Celestia's mane, the things this fandom creates boggles the mind at times. (IMPERFECTXIII, Y U NO TALENT?!) I don't know, voice in my head. I do not know.

......Anyways, I've said my piece. Your turn. Impy, out!