'Sup, fellow bronies and sisnies^?

So I just got through watching Saberspark's "Top 25 Brony Songs of 2012" - the first "Top 10/20/whatever" list of fan-made MLP song I ever sat through. And I found out a LOT of really good brony songs and musicians flew under my radar, like Matthew Mosier, Bronyfied, ismBoF, Prince Whateverer, All Levels at Once, and dbPony, all of whom I can't recommend enough.

I've had the Broadway-style "Anthropology (Lyra's Song)" by AwkwardMarina stuck in my head all afternoon. ^_^

So, I'm curious: What's YOUR favorite fan-made MLP song/artist? It doesn't even have to be an original song; it can be a remix of a song from the show. My favorite fan-made song would have to be MandoPony's "A Long Way From Equestria". Also, any song recommendations you have for me and other Wiki contributors? ImperfectXIII, out!

^ I tend to call pegasisters "sisnies" when I lump the term in with "bronies" in the same sentence >_<