Been thinking a lot about finales lately. Not just season finales, but also series finales.

What have been your absolutely favorite series finales? And I don't mean the last episode that a series airs before cancellation -- I mean the be-all-end-all, wrap-everything-up-in-a-nice-little-bow finale. (The last episode of a short-running series and finale movies also apply.)

For me, very few have come close to the level of epicness and finality as those of Fringe, Being Human, Eureka, and Futurama.

If you feel like sharing, what are your least favorite series finales too? For me, it is easily Digimon Adventure 02 (you know, the one with the "25-years-later-where-are-they-now?" epilogue). Ugh. If I ever have to sit through that again...