About a week or so back, Disney Channel aired a preview of Craig McCracken's new cartoon Wander Over Yonder (for which Lauren Faust serves as co-producer and story editor). Finally got around to watching said preview.

...It's funny. Really funny.

But more specifically, it's absurdly funny. Much of the comedy seems to come from how surreal it is and the characters' exaggerated expressions. It definitely looks to be the silliest of Craig's shows, and the loosest in terms of story continuity -- if the first episode is any indication, each episode is to be a standalone story with loose connection to those that come before or after.

The voice cast is pretty entertaining too; Jack McBrayer as Wander and Keith Ferguson as Lord Hater already have great chemistry and work off of each other really well.

If you haven't yet seen the preview episode of Wander Over Yonder, check it out here. If you have seen it, what are your thoughts? Do you think Craig hit it out of the park again, or do you not expect much of this show?