Welcome to another edition of my "IDW Artist Showcase" blog series. This time I'm covering an artist who hasn't had many entries in the comics since they first started but grew to become one of my favorites: Brenda Hickey.

As before, this is an art appreciation series only; the quality of the stories that these art styles are drawn around have no bearing.


Hickey's first entry in the MLP comics was Micro-Series Issue 6, released in July 2013, but she's been drawing ponies since as early as August 2012. I admit that Hickey's art style didn't really jump out at me at first glance, but I came to realize why that is. Among the artists currently working on the MLP comics, Hickey is a personal favorite because her art style is among the closest to match that of the cartoon.

Thick outlines, big expressive eyes, cartoonish facial expressions -- it's very adorable. Very reminiscent of the show the comics are based on, but with some personal touches that set it apart.

One thing I especially love about Hickey's work is that she's just as much a geek as the consumers she draws for, and it shows up in her art as background gags and Easter eggs. One Piece in My Little Pirate: Friendship Ahoy, Kill la Kill in Friends Forever Issue 12, Attack on Titan in FIENDship is Magic Issue 1... I love it when even professional career artists like anime and geek culture just as much as I do, and they don't shy away from it.


(I hope some Steven Universe ponies make it into the comics eventually. (XD))

When it comes to drawing non-pony characters, Hickey is no slouch either. From her mermares in Friendship Ahoy to her jackals and cats in Friendship is Magic Issue 24 to her reindeer in the My Little Pony Holiday Special, it's all really well done.

Concept art of Jewel.

Favorite comic drawn by this artist: FIENDship is Magic Issue 1

Other comics drawn by this artist:

Some of my favorite art pieces by this artist:

What's your opinion on Hickey's art style? Which comic(s) drawn by her is/are your favorite(s)? Let me know in the comments below. ImperfectXIII, out!