In case some of you aren't aware, according to Zap2It/Screener, a couple of upcoming season 7 episodes are "scheduled" to air on Treehouse TV in Canada ahead of their U.S. premieres. (Why "scheduled" is in quotation marks will be made clear below.)

At first glance, this paints a troubling image that Treehouse is doing double premiere weekends, with one new episode airing on Saturday mornings and another new episode on Sunday mornings. However, before we all start a mob cry of "SPOILERS!" and "LEAKS!", this may not be the case at all. An Equestria Daily and Disqus user by the name of "GeorgeQGreg" was astute enough to offer an explanation in a recent EQD comment thread:

"As someone who's actually been watching the show on Treehouse, allow me to dispel some of your worries.
First of all, I don't think this will actually happen in the first place. Why? If for no other reason than these two articles itself. Someone at Corus (the company that owns Treehouse) or Hasbro is gonna find this out and yank the episodes, and we'll be back to being weeks behind like most previous seasons. (So thanks!) But even so, the episode information on Zap2it is partially fabricated. I have another copy of the Treehouse schedule, if you look on their website you'll see for Saturday it says S7 Eps # 147 - Rock Solid Friendship, but if you look tomorrow when Sunday's schedule is posted, it will probably just say S7 Eps # 148, like it does right now, which indicates to me that they probably don't even have that episode's tape yet, Zap2it probably just filled in the already-revealed title based on the number. Interestingly, the same thing just happened with Power Rangers on Teletoon, they were scheduled to air episode 9 (again with no title) but had to pull it at the last minute and aired a rerun of the first episode instead. And when Littlest Pet Shop season 4 aired on YTV they almost aired many episodes early (they were airing two episodes at a time and got caught up to Discovery Family) but before that could happen the second episode was replaced with reruns of their show The Stanley Dynamic, and no episode in that season aired before the US. Though Teletoon aired season 3 of Transformers: Robots in Disguise early (and even is scheduled to premiere a fourth season on May 6, was a season 4 even announced yet? Though they'll probably not air that either.) but I'm not sure how much Hasbro cares about CN seeing how they've been treating the show. Or well, any shows.
And even if this does happen, Treehouse seems to have stopped censoring the show (I don't recall any censoring in all of season 6 or the 3 episodes of season 7 that have aired) and it's an HD channel, so you won't exactly be suffering bad quality if you DO watch the "leaks." (And I loath the term being used this way.)"

GeorgeQGreg goes on from there, but you get the picture. And indeed, some of what he says is true: the schedule for April 30 on Treehouse TV's own website displays a showing of "S7 Eps # 148" with no title (despite Rock Solid Friendship's title being shown for April 29). And if you look again at Treehouse's May 7 schedule on Zap2It/Screener linked above, you'll see that the listing for Parental Glideance also has no title. George explains in a follow-up post:

"By the end of Saturday (yes, seriously, sometimes they decide so soon before broadcast) it should be changed to either have the episode's title (in which case they're airing it!) or to be a rerun."

Something else to keep in mind is that the season's production is still not 100% complete. Series composer William Anderson recently tweeted that he only finished mixing the background music for the first thirteen episodes. So whatever the situation is at Treehouse, it's impossible for them to have access to all the episodes.

So what does this all mean? The rising concern about episodes airing in other places first and the looming threat of spoilers may not be such a concern after all. I know the last thing anyone wants is a repeat of what happened toward the end of season 6, with Top Bolt and the finale airing on U.K. television before they saw the light of day over here. If it turns out that these episodes are being broadcast early (and everything I've explained above doesn't completely suggest that they aren't), I guess Canada will have the last laugh. (:P)

What are your thoughts on the matter? Is this all merely wishful thinking? If this scheduling hodgepodge comes to pass, how will it affect your overall viewing experience of season 7? Will you roll with the punches or take up your proverbial pitchfork and torch in protest?

Thanks for reading.