Hey, remember when I made blog posts plugging my own art? Funny, huh? (trollface)

But enough about that; on to more thought-provoking matters. Equestria Girls sure has introduced a lot of characters into its dedicated mythos, hasn't it? But you may notice a number of characters suspiciously missing: Discord, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, etc.

And it got me thinking: what if some of these missing characters were in Equestria Girls? What would their respective roles be in the world of Canterlot High? How would they interact with characters already present (or not present)? A number of comments have been made about this already, but I don't think an actual discussion was made about it, so... here you go. (:P)

Take a character (or characters) that hasn't yet appeared in Equestria Girls and assign them a human world role.

Discord the janitor or school guidance counselor? Gilda the social outcast with a chip on her shoulder? A.K. Yearling the bibliophile with a secret yearning for adventure? Be as creative or bizarre as you like!