"Let's Compare EQG" blog part 6! This will be the last post in this series. This time, we take a look at the movies' fanservice. No, not the suggestive/tittilating kind -- the generic kind. Which film had the best pop culture references? Series callbacks? Nods to the fanbase? Or which film had more pandering than a bugbear?

Which Equestria Girls film/shorts had the best fanservice?

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Here's my own ranking:

  1. Rainbow Rocks: If we're to include the animated shorts, then pound-for-pound, I think Rainbow Rocks had the best fanservice, references, and nods to the fandom among the four films thus far. Some of my favorites include the various pony-human cameos on top of the first film's (like Maud and Bulk Biceps), the "Friendship is magic!" joke, the Power Ponies video game, Rarity's Daft Punk costume, the Cutie Mark Crusaders' costumes from The Show Stoppers, the suggestiveness of Lyra and Bon Bon's scene, DJ Pon-3's car, and the entirety of Music to My Ears.
  2. Equestria Girls: While Equestria Girls didn't have much of a story to tell, I felt a lot of its comedy came from its lip service to the three seasons that came before, resulting in a lot of funny callbacks and shout-outs. Some of my favorites were Pinkie's "Transformers" sound effect at the beginning, the numerous cameos of ponies-turned-into-humans, Trixie's "peanut butter crackers" joke, the clever use of the Cutie Mark Crusaders Song, Pinkie Pie... just being Pinkie Pie (especially her party cannon and Pinkamena gags), Scootaloo dancing like a chicken, Rainbow Dash's "so awesome!" face, Twilight's goofy dance from Sweet and Elite, and of course Derpy in the ending credits. (And even though it doesn't make a lot of sense the more you think about it, Rainbow Dash's line "What are hands?" is pretty funny.)
  3. Friendship Games: While not as fanservice-y as the movies that came before, Friendship Games and its animated shorts have plenty of neat and funny references and fandom nods. My favorites include the Rainbooms' various outfits and costumes, Pinkie Pie's Mona Lisa cake during ACADECA, Applejack's "Brave" reference during the Tri-Cross Relay, the bigger spectacle of a final battle compared to the first two movies, the pre-credits scene, Pinkie Pie's gags in Pinkie Spy, the even MORE suggestive nature of Lyra and Bon Bon's relationship in All's Fair in Love & Friendship Games, and you know what? I'm also counting the blooper reel. That's a whole lot of fun in and of itself.
  4. Legend of Everfree: Legend of Everfree may have had more of a story to tell with its plot and characters, but objectively speaking, it has probably the least amount of fanservice among the four films. However, what fanservice it does have is still good for a few laughs. Among the most notable for me are the gags involving Derpy (including her spoken line), Pinkie Pie's running gag with marshmallows AND her inner mind sequence, the main characters' many different outfits, the sequel hook at the end, the post-credits scene, and the bloopers (as long as I'm counting the ones for Friendship Games).

How do you rank these films in terms of fanservice? Hit up the comments below and let me know!