Now that most of you have had the chance to absorb the new Equestria Girls film, I'm ripping Rallinale off-- I mean, taking a page out of Rallinale's book and doing something a little different in how I give my thoughts about the film series thus far. I call it "Let's Compare EQG" (because originality is everything).

Over the course of the next few weeks, I (and hopefully some of you as well) will be ranking the four films in order of your favorite to least favorite/best to worst/best to least-best/least-worst to worst/etc. based on a few categories: "story", "writing", "characters", etc. As with Rallinale's own "Let's Compare" series of blogs, you may feel free to write a few detailed thoughts on each subject for each film if you want to.

First up is "Best Story".

Which Equestria Girls film had the best/your favorite story?

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Here's my own ranking:

  1. Legend of Everfree: None of the Equestria Girls films has what can be considered a very ORIGINAL plot, and while Legend of Everfree isn't an exception to this, I feel does the most serviceable job of making it work -- or at the very least making it interesting. The "save the rec center" plot is nothing new, but the film downplays it such that it doesn't feel distracting. In fact, this part of the plot doesn't really come into play until the tail end of the film; everything else is focused on the magic that's running wild around the campgrounds and Twilight Sparkle's internal struggle with Midnight Sparkle, which is far more intriguing to follow. As a result, the plot doesn't end up feeling as congested as the sneak peeks led me to believe.
  2. Rainbow Rocks: Another unoriginal plot that's stereotypical of a high school setting, but the world-building around it makes up for it. The story of the sirens makes for an interesting hook, and watching all the characters slowly fall victim to their magic is both fun and gripping. Plus, the end credits scene does a great job of getting one excited for the sequel to come later.
  3. Friendship Games: Friendship Games did the best it could with the story it had by expanding the human world and introducing us to Crystal Prep Academy. And while "Sci-Twi"/human Twilight was a great addition to the growing cast, I don't feel that her story of investigating the magical disturbances at Canterlot High really meshed well with the students' sporting competition. Perhaps if Sunset's original story of considering going back to Equestria wasn't scrapped, it would've been more interesting as a whole.
  4. Equestria Girls: For whatever enjoyment I ultimately got out of the first Equestria Girls film, the story was the least interesting aspect in my opinion. "Prom night" is about as stereotypical of a high school setting as you can get. It dresses it up a bit with fun moments and some decent songs, and it builds a little upon the mythology surrounding the Elements of Harmony, but at its core, the film's story does little to grab or impress.

How do you rank these films in terms of overall story/narrative? Hit up the comments below and let me know!