Photo Finish and camera close-up EG3

Friendship Games short "4ever" is here, so let's talk about it, because why not? This is "Photo Finished".

Continuing the "side character focus" trend that began with "All Fair's in Love & Friendship Games", this time around we're focusing on Photo Finish. At the request of Vice Principal Luna, she's taking pictures for the CHS yearbook. Whether the rest of the school likes it or not.

It should be no surprise that Photo Finish is the strongest part of this short, and this is thanks in no small part to her wackiness. Where pony Photo Finish was more subdued in her delivery and energy, human Photo Finish could very well be called the "Pinkie Pie of photography." So many hilarious poses. (Plus, we see the return of the Snapshots from Rainbow Rocks, so that's neat.)

If there was one thing this short was missing, it was Pinkie Pie being subject to Photo Finish's camerawork and being totally cool with it. And personally, I thought the "Enough! I go!" running gag was exhausted after about the third repeating.

Regardless, I really liked this short. It continues to showcase the various other personalities that Canterlot High has to offer. It is after all a school, not just "The Misadventures of Sunset Shimmer and Friends." What did you all think? Favorite part? Least favorite part? Discuss below, and I'll see you next week (when I believe we get our fifth and final Friendship Games short)!