Oftentimes, I find myself thinking how fortunate I am to have gotten into My Little Pony. How much more of a positive outlook on life it's given me. How much more tolerance and respect it's taught me to give my fellow man.

...And then I see stuff like this, and just shake my head in utter disappointment.

Indeed, for all the positivity MLP has brought to the world, if it so much as pokes its head out of its burrow, people still feel the need to go "No! Bad MLP! You stay in your hole where you belong and where we can't see or smell you!", and it retreats into the shadows like a frightened squirrel. (...Okay, that's enough animal metaphors for today.)

And so I ask you, the users of the MLP Wikia: when it comes to MLP and the fandom, what rustles your jimmies the most? The vitriol MLP still receives, even though it's now 2013? Or maybe how worked up bronies themselves still get over Twilicorn or EQG?