I remember an afternoon when I was probably 11 or 12 years old, sitting in my basement next to my 9-year-old brother. We were watching an old VHS copy of Jack and the Beanstalk. I can't remember the circumstances under which we came into possession of it. But have it we did. And watch it we did.

It was pleasing enough to the eye. The animation was very lively, the humor okay, and the music nice and catchy. It started out familiarly enough: mother sends boy to sell cow, boy gets tricked into trading cow for "magic beans", mom gets mad and throws beans out the window, beans grow into a giant beanstalk overnight. Nothing new, but it kept us entertained.

But wait. What's this? A mouse in a dress? That's odd. Well, it's a musical adaptation; gotta expect liberties to be taken here and there. I roll with the punches. So we get to climbing the beanstalk, and--

Wait a minute! What is this?! A princess that's about to marry the giant?! An evil witch?! A castle of servants turned into rodents?! This isn't the same rollercoaster I remember getting on! STOP THE RIDE!!!

...So yeah, this clearly wasn't Jack and the Beanstalk as I remembered it. I wouldn't find out until years later, with the miracle of the internet, that what I watched was a Japanese adaptation of the fairy tale called "Jakku to Mame no Ki", dubbed into English. Had a limited theatrical release and an even more limited release on VHS, and I was just fortunate enough to find a copy.

By Odin's beard, did I love this movie. Once I wrapped my head around the changes, it was just loads of fun from beginning to end. ...But that song... That Celestia-forsaken song... If you've seen the movie, you know the one to which I refer... Whether you love it or hate it, once you hear it, there's no un-hearing it...! GET OUT OF MY HEAD, MELODY BORN OF HADES!

... (awk) Anyways.

Have any of you watched/heard of this movie? And what other movie(s) have you seen that, chances are, very few others have?