Well, after seeing a couple of other users post their own episode ratings, I've decided to throw my hat in the ring, so to speak, and give you mine. But as I was putting it together, I thought that just giving each episode a rating wasn't adequate enough, so I decided to include some pros and cons -- things about each episode that I feel were its biggest strengths (or weaknesses), that I particularly enjoyed (or didn't enjoy), or just stood out to me in general.

You may notice that I generally have a lot more pros than cons listed, and that for some episodes I didn't list any cons at all. The reason for that is I have a lot more positive things to say about the show than I have negative, and if I didn't list any cons for an episode I didn't give a 10 to, it means I don't think the episode was perfect, but anything that I might've thought was bad about it was harder to pin down. Likewise, if I gave an episode a 10 and list a couple cons for it, it means I felt the good that the episode had far outweighed the bad.

I'll add to this list as new episodes premiere.

(Note 1: All ratings are on a scale of 1 to 10.)

(Note 2: Mouse-over text with dotted underlines for some extra notes I feel are worth mentioning.)

Season one

Episode title Rating Pros Cons
Friendship is Magic, part 18.5Very strong series opener; prologue style; good establishment of mythology; musical score; Nightmare MoonLimited presence of Celestia, given her importance
Friendship is Magic, part 29Further establishment of mythology; Laughter Song; Steven Magnet
The Ticket Master7Some of my favorite facial expressions in the series; comedy gagsSongs are okay but weak; dubious conflict resolution
Applebuck Season7.5Strong character interaction; more amusing gagsSome gags are good, others drag on
Griffon the Brush Off5.5Pinkie Pie/Rainbow Dash interactionGilda
Boast Busters8Some cute Twilight moments; Trixie; original mythological animals
Dragonshy7.5Fluttershy; some good Pinkie and Rarity momentsA "meh" follow-up to Boast Busters; another weak song
Look Before You Sleep8Wonderful Applejack/Rarity interaction; adorkable Twilight
Bridle Gossip8Apple Bloom; Flutterguy
Swarm of the Century7.5More Pinkie (see a pattern forming here?); hysterical TwilightMinor plotholes
Winter Wrap Up8Cute and hilarious Twilight moments; the song!Spike's kind of a jerk
Call of the Cutie6.5Some world-building; '80s Cheerilee; Cupcake SongPretty bland overall
Fall Weather Friends7.5Applejack/Rainbow Dash; Pinkie Pie/Spike
Suited For Success9Visuals and effects; Art of the Dress; musical score; continuity!
Feeling Pinkie Keen7Twilight/Pinkie Pie; sight gags; use of mythological creatures; Twilight's "CHARGE!"Some boring/corny dialogue
Sonic Rainboom8Rainbow Dash characterization; Cloudsdale; visuals and effects; Fluttershy cheeringSome visuals better than others
Stare Master7.5Sweetie Belle/Rarity; CMC moments; Hush Now Lullaby; slightly more mature than past episodesMuch of it feels like Dragonshy all over again
The Show Stoppers8Scootaloo moments; musical score; Cutie Mark Crusaders Song; artistic direction
A Dog and Pony Show9Sapphire Shores; comedic gags; Tabitha St. Germain's performance
Green Isn't Your Color8Pinkie Pie moments; Photo Finish's eccentricity; a well-done jealousy story
Over a Barrel7.5Wild West theme; Braeburn; Scott McNeil; some of Dave Polsky's best writing for Pinkie PieYou Got to Share, You Got to Care
A Bird in the Hoof8.5Playful Celestia; Fluttershy showing more initiative; Philomena; panicky TwilightSome gags feel rehashed
The Cutie Mark Chronicles9.5BACKSTORY!; So Many Wonders; theme of connection
Owl's Well That Ends Well7.5Spike as the "Dastardly Whiplash"; Twilight/Spike momentsThe hoo joke got old fairly quickly
Party of One8.5Gummy; crazy Pinkie PieMinor inconsistencies with earlier (and later) episodes
The Best Night Ever9At the Gala; the various fairy tale parallels; Fluttershy's descent into madnessPrince Blueblood; unexplained absence of Luna

Season two

Episode title Rating Pros Cons
The Return of Harmony Part 19More Equestrian history; Discord; John de Lancie
The Return of Harmony Part 28.5Unique visuals; frustrated Twilight moments; humorous dialogueResolution felt underwhelming; stakes didn't feel as high as in other two-parters
Lesson Zero9.5Insane Twilight; improving on the friendship report format; one of Tara Strong's best performances
Luna Eclipsed10Return of Princess Luna; brief glimpse at more Equestrian history; Luna/Fluttershy; another fantastic performance by Tabitha St. Germain
Sisterhooves Social8.5Rarity/Sweetie; hilarious facial expressions by Rarity; some genuinely touching moments; Sweetie Belle in a cowboy hatApple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, but no Scootaloo?
The Cutie Pox7.5New Ponyville locales; Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon; Apple Bloom speaking FrenchApple Bloom's starting to become a one-note character
May the Best Pet Win!8Excited Fluttershy; Find a Pet Song; Tank; Ride of the Valkyries; this
The Mysterious Mare Do Well4.5Scootaloo in the opener; superhero jokes and visual gags; thisRainbow Dash's character feels "Flanderized"; moral lost in translation; Ponyville is the flakiest town ever
Sweet and Elite8.5Displaying Canterlot in greater detail; Fancy Pants; Becoming Popular; more adorkable Twilight; best Rarity episode since Suited for SuccessCertain plot points feel underused
Secret of My Excess8Rarity/Spike; heavier focus on supporting/background characters; design of grown Spike
Hearth's Warming Eve9Even more Equestrian history; The Heart Carol; Merriwether Williams redeems herself for Mare Do Well
Family Appreciation Day8.5An Apple Bloom episode that doesn't revolve around cutie marks; stylistic tone-setting flashback; musical score; cute Silver Spoon momentTabitha St. Germain as Granny Smith is hard to listen to at times
Baby Cakes8In-jokes; Rarity; Pinkie shows some maturity without breaking character; Pound and Pumpkin; the ending
The Last Roundup8.5Excellent Applejack characterization; Cherry Jubilee; mad Pinkie Pie; pretty funny overall; this!Couple eye-rolling Pinkie Pie moments; Dodge Junction feels like a smaller Appleloosa
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 60009Rainbow Dash; design of the Cider Squeezy 6000; the Flim Flam Brothers; Samuel Vincent; the lesson
Read It and Weep8Character development; Daring Do; Ahuizotl; Screw Loose
Hearts and Hooves Day9Minor character development for Scootaloo; Cheerilee's cynical moments; The Perfect Stallion; hilarious scenes aplentyPuts an interesting spin on the love potion story, but in the end, it's still a love potion story, which I've seen dozens of times
A Friend in Deed9.5Smile Song; Cranky Doodle Donkey is the perfect foil to Pinkie Pie; another thematically fitting flashback; an all-around feel-good episode
Putting Your Hoof Down8Looney Tunes-style gags; Iron Will; assertive Fluttershy
It's About Time9Time travel story! YES!; Twilight acts just how you'd expect her to act when faced with her future self; Pinkie Pie (again); another great performance by Tara Strong
Dragon Quest8.5Fluttershy in the opener; variety of dragon designs; Spike interacting with characters other than the main cast; PeeweeMinor nitpick, but we don't learn much about Spike by the end than when the episode starts
Hurricane Fluttershy8New Pegasus characters; Bulk Biceps; Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash; filly Fluttershy again
Ponyville Confidential7.5Funny Rarity moments; story feels topical (the risks of gossip)Diamond Tiara at her absolute worst
MMMystery on the Friendship Express8.5More non-pony side characters; detective/mystery episode; an appealing abundance of alliteration; fantasy sequencesMissed opportunity with Applejack
A Canterlot Wedding - Part 19B.B.B.F.F.; the Sunshine, Sunshine dance was cute; mother of all cliffhangersThe timing of Shining Armor and Cadance's introduction; mystery of Cadance's identity leaves little to the imagination
A Canterlot Wedding - Part 210This Day Aria; everything about Queen Chrysalis; proactive Celestia; THE BATTLE SCENE!!!; Love Is In BloomSome facepalm-worthy dialogue

Season three

Episode title Rating Pros Cons
The Crystal Empire - Part 19.5Twilight in the opener; more sweet Equestria history; much darker tone compared to previous episodes; season kicks off with some great songs already
The Crystal Empire - Part 29Shining Armor/Cadance; adorable Twilight/Spike moments; Spike in the spotlight; foreshadowing for Magical Mystery Cure; Sombra sets the tone well......but he still doesn't do much
Too Many Pinkie Pies8Pinkie Pie in rare form; Rarity's new outfit and mane style; amusing dialogue; new Equestrian mythsMinor plotholes
One Bad Apple8.5Babs Seed; story is very topical (bullying); Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's presence actually feels natural; new Cutie Mark Crusader!Silver Spoon backpedals after Family Appreciation Day; lines by Pinkie Pie feel forced
Magic Duel9Return of Trixie; Fluttershy moments; callback to The Cutie Mark Chronicles; Snips and Snails; "Trixieville"; some really funny moments/lines; Twilight's tricks during the second duel were almost believable; the endingZecora's had better rhymes XD; Trixie's redemption immediately comes off as rushed
Sleepless in Ponyville10Long-overdue Scootaloo episode; numerous episode callbacks/more continuity!; wonderful Rainbow Dash/Scootaloo interaction; 99 Buckets of Oats on the Wall; Princess Luna's role; Winsome Falls is breathtakingSome of Applejack's lines sound the same
Wonderbolts Academy8.5Some of Pinkie's lines; Lightning Dust (the Cranky Doodle to RD's Pinkie Pie); seeing Spitfire "on the clock" for a change; return of some characters from Hurricane FluttershyLightning Dust's sendoff feels incomplete
Apple Family Reunion8Baby Applejack; return of Babs Seed; overeager Applejack is funniest Applejack; Raise This BarnNo lines for Braeburn?
Spike at Your Service7.5Timberwolves; Applejack/SpikeOvereager Spike not as cute as overeager Applejack; if a dragon's code is so important, why are we only hearing about it NOW?
Keep Calm and Flutter On10Return of Discord; most initiative Fluttershy shows since A Bird in the Hoof; most compelling character development for Fluttershy; best comedy gags all season
Just for Sidekicks8.5Spike and pets take center stage; various character interactions; Rainbow Dash/Tank; return of Screw Loose and Big McIntosh/CheerileeNo more Peewee; have we forgotten the events of The Crystal Empire - Part 2 already?
Games Ponies Play7.5Story connection to Just for Sidekicks; teases at other Mane 6 family members; more of the Crystal Empire; Ms. Peachbottom (the REAL star of the show)Pretty weak Pinkie Pie moments; no Shining Armor/Cadance; suddenly, Rainbow Dash episode; should've aired before Just for Sidekicks
Magical Mystery Cure9Musical elements; Pinkie gags better than the last episode; a satisfying conclusion to the story arcThe pacing/feels like two episodes in one

Equestria Girls

Title Rating Pros Cons
My Little Pony Equestria Girls7.5Sunset Shimmer; some legitimately funny moments; the songs; almost like rewatching the original two-parterUnoriginal plot; some jokes feel forced; certain moments feel really rushed; some plotholes and inconsistencies; some plot points are introduced and then immediately forgotten about; Flash Sentry's presence is essentially unnecessary

Season four

Episode title Rating Pros Cons
Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 110Twilight's just as adorkable as ever; great balance of drama and humor; DiscordZecora's "plot potion" comes straight out of nowhere
Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 211Amazing performance by Nicole Oliver; vastly improved animation; detailing already established mythos and expanding on it; sets the stage perfectly for a story arc and longer narrative
Castle Mane-ia8.5Some very funny moments; musical score; pony pairings work well off each other; intriguing change to the friendship lesson formatVery predictable resolution
Daring Don't8Daring Do makes the comeback of the century; Ahuizotl; Twilight and Rainbow Dash's geek-out scenes; some great dialogue and banterThe whole "A.K. Yearling is Daring Do" plot point felt like the easy way out in many aspects; some plot holes and discrepancies are presented
Flight to the Finish9Return of Ms. Harshwhinny; some hilarious facial expressions; great first song of the season; overall lesson feels mature and is presented maturelyLack of gratifying comeuppance for DT and SS, given the conflict they create
Power Ponies9.5Excellent use of superhero and comic book tropes; perfectly fitting musical score; Flutterhulk; Spike in the spotlight even more than The Crystal Empire
Bats!8Story is well-paced; song is tonally fitting and reminiscent of Danny Elfman; FlutterbatFluttershy's friends seem quick to team up against her
Rarity Takes Manehattan9Fantastic Manehattan visuals; outstanding song; an intriguing antagonist in Suri Polomare; character development for Rarity; first real hint at story arcSpike's overall role feel shoehorned in
Pinkie Apple Pie8.5Animation is great as always; Apples to the Core; tighter cast of characters made for a tighter story
Rainbow Falls8Bulk Biceps is hilarious; grand return of Derpy; Corey Powell is three-for-threeA little bland compared to S4 episodes thus far, but it's a minor nitpick
Three's A Crowd9Discord, Discord, Discord!; well-overdue characterization for CadancePacing is a little odd; Pinkie Pie is once again made to hold the 'idiot stick'
Pinkie Pride10.5From the music to the character of Cheese Sandwich to Pinkie Pie's characterization, this episode did just about everything right in my opinion
Simple Ways8Great performances by Tabitha St. Germain and Ashleigh Ball; Trenderhoof, for all the point of his character was, is pretty harmless (and a little funny)First two acts are a bit boring
Filli Vanilli9Lovely performance by Andrea Libman; return of Flutterguy; Find the Music in You is criminally enjoyablePinkie Pie seems to serve one purpose, and it's a pretty eye-rolling purpose
Twilight Time7.5Nice to see the CMC branching out; Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon seem almost... humbleShould've aired sooner in the season
It Ain't Easy Being Breezies7More world-building; the opening parallel to Sonic Rainboom; Seabreeze's accent is hilariousVery basic plot that tapers off by the third act; Mane 6's Breezie transformation feels tacked on/pointless
Somepony to Watch Over Me8.5Good pacing; sweet and humorous interaction between AJ and Apple Bloom; more world-building; amazing third act
Maud Pie8Maud is instantly enjoyable and bounces off the Mane 6 well; warm, fuzzy endingPacing is uneven
For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils9Rarity and Sweetie Belle's dynamic; Princess Luna; impressive artistic visuals; overall lesson feels more "show" than "tell"
Leap of Faith8.5Return of Flim and Flam; best character conflict for Applejack all seasonTonic song is an underwhelming follow-up to the cider song
Testing Testing 1, 2, 38.5More of that sweet Equestrian history (with amusing visual aids); Twilight and Rainbow Dash bounce well off one another; compelling and topical moralWonderbolts rap is personally an acquired taste
Trade Ya!7.5Main cast pairings are entertaining and amusing to watch; funny visual gags; series callbacks galore; a feel-good resolutionFalls victim to several literary cliches; some moments are pretty schmaltzy
Inspiration Manifestation8Spike/Rarity moments; Spike/Owlowiscious moments; best performance by Tabitha St. Germain since Simple WaysFeels a little like a rehash of past episode plot points
Equestria Games8Callbacks to The Crystal Empire; Spike's anthem, while pretty cringe-worthy on a first watch, is absolutely hilarious on subsequent watches; the relatability of Spike's crisisAfter half a season's worth of buildup, the Games take a giant backseat to the main story
Twilight's Kingdom - Part 19.5You'll Play Your Part is fantastic; Tirek sets an absolutely chilling tone; Discord; a respectful homage to Generation 1
Twilight's Kingdom - Part 212Terrific balance of gravitas and comedy; Mark Acheson's fear-inducing performance; everything about the battle scene; a more than satisfying conclusion to the story arcRainbow Power and the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom are blatant tack-ons

Rainbow Rocks

Title Rating Pros Cons
My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks8.5Fantastic music and animation; plot is well-paced and simplistic without seeming pandering; some very funny moments; loads of fanservice; satisfying conclusion to Sunset Shimmer's character arc; the Dazzlings are a far more menacing presence here than Sunset was in the first film; end credits stinger is a real attention grabberBattle of the Bands and band rivalries therein could've been explored in a little more detail; FlashLight, however lessened from the first film, is still a distraction

Season five

Episode title Rating Pros Cons
The Cutie Map - Part 19Theme and overtones are truly disturbing; Starlight Glimmer; side characters are fun and amusing; Pinkie Pie's comedy is more subdued; the mother of all cliffhangersSpike's exclusion from the story, while understandable, is a little disappointing
The Cutie Map - Part 28.5Less action-driven, more story- and character-driven; heavier focus on characters other than Twilight; Starlight is set up as an interesting season presenceSlower pace works in some places, but drags a little in others
Castle Sweet Castle7.5Full of fun and heart; Make This Castle A Home; some very funny moments; excellent use of SpikeAct 2 is a little predictable
Bloom & Gloom8A very mature Apple Bloom story; a satisfying conclusion to the "Luna visits the CMC's dreams" character arc; clever use of time loopsDream reveal is easy to see coming; Babs got her cutie mark off-screen! What a letdown!
Tanks for the Memories7.5Rainbow Dash's most emotional episode yet – her relationship with Tank is well-explored; I'll Fly; beautiful background designs; clever and funny gagsSlow and uneventful plot; certain jokes feel forced
Appleoosa's Most Wanted8Trouble Shoes makes a very funny and sympathetic character; decent character growth for the CMC
Make New Friends but Keep Discord9.5John de Lancie hasn't missed a beat; Tree Hugger is hilarious; visual set pieces; very funny gags and shout-outs; Celestia is as endearing as ever
The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone8Some of the most interesting world-building in the series; long overdue character development for Gilda; very funny momentsGilda's act 3 redemption feels as rushed as Trixie's; resolution is pretty sappy
Slice of Life9Fanservice galore; hilarious jokes and shout-outs aplenty; third act has a lot of emotionAmount of jokes is overwhelming at times
Princess Spike7Diverse cast of background characters with some fun personalities; Cadance's most proactive role since Three's A CrowdSome story elements felt recycled from Secret of My Excess and Just for Sidekicks
Party Pooped7.5Pinkie in top form; return of insane Twilight and Cherry Jubilee; callbacks to Games Ponies PlayYak characters are amusing but a short-lived novelty; pacing feels awkward
Amending Fences9Excellent use of continuity; fun and compelling side characters; very emotional third act and heartwarming ending
Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?8.5Luna's inner conflict is engaging; imagery and visuals are nonstop fun; fantastic musical scoreEpisode/pacing feels unbalanced
Canterlot Boutique8Fun new characters; Rules of Rarity is great and catchy; an entertaining commentary on the fashion/marketing industrySome dialogue in act 1 is clunky and exposition-heavy; some story elements feel familiar to Suited for Success
Rarity Investigates!8Rarity and Rainbow Dash bounce off each other well; excellent use of film noir tropesConflict setup feels disproportionate; act 3 reveal is very predictable
Made in Manehattan7.5Return of Coco Pommel; diverse Manehattan characters; lots of funny facial expressions; heartwarming messagePlot is a bit too simple for my tastes; first act is boring
Brotherhooves Social8.5Great character development for Big Mac; once the bizarreness of "Orchard Blossom" wears off, it's endless hilarity; very emotional third act and amazing musical scoreMissed opportunity with Sweetie Belle; second act drags in some areas
Crusaders of the Lost Mark10Diamond Tiara's redemption is well-handled and paced; every song is great and organic to their respective scenes; great way to celebrate the show's fifth anniversary
The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows7.5Some of the best and funniest Pinkie moments all season; a fun indirect callback to Green Isn't Your ColorReveal comes off as too sudden; several scenes feel uneventful
Hearthbreakers8Callbacks to Pinkie Apple Pie; rock farm is much more visually impressive than in previous appearances; Pie family members are fun and diverse; terrific interaction between Applejack, Pinkie, and their families; story and lesson are very emotion-heavy
Scare Master7.5Some pretty scary imagery; great Granny Smith moments; a surprisingly poignant lessonFluttershy's fears feel exaggerated/over-inflated
What About Discord?6Nice to see Discord on better terms with the rest of the Mane Six; visual gags and jokes; good jealousy-related lessonTwilight is a little conceited in her paranoia; act 2 drags and drags; Discord's motives by act 3 come off as mean-spirited and unnecessary
The Hooffields and McColts7Even more adorkable Twilight; Hooffields and McColts are colorful and amusing; Fluttershy's character strengths are well-used; environmentalist message is very subtleStory bears shades of resemblance to Over a Barrel
The Mane Attraction8.5Heartwarming story from beginning to end; great performance by Lena Hall; fantastic songs; Applejack is used to full character effect; Svengallop is as funny as he is despicableApplejack and Coloratura's argument feels a little rushed
The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 19.5Time travel story angle; for a normal unicorn, Starlight Glimmer presents a very real and ominous threat; plentiful callbacks; alternate timelines are horrifying
The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 28.5More series callbacks; Zecora is used to better effect here than in Princess Twilight Sparkle; great balance of levity and urgency; some really nightmarish imageryStarlight's character motivations feel kind of flimsy, and her redemption is very rushed; Friends Are Always There For You is too generic-sounding

Friendship Games

Title Rating Pros Cons
My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games7.5Great animation; human Twilight and Principal Cinch are very enjoyable; the songs (mostly); pony Twilight's minimal presence gives the Hu-Mane Six room to breatheShadowbolts are woefully under-characterized; a couple songs are kind of forgettable; two overarching plot lines come together a little sloppily; final act antagonist comes out of nowhere

Season six

Episode title Rating Pros Cons
The Crystalling - Part 18Very relaxed story compared to previous premieres; Starlight Glimmer is relatable and sympathetic; Crystal Empire lore; plenty of comedy; wonderful use of Spike's characterFlurry Heart's introduction bears unfortunate implications; very slow conflict setup
The Crystalling - Part 28Most proactive use of Celestia and Luna yet; interactions between Starlight and Sunburst; amusing Crystal Pony side characters; Twilight still has room for character growthFlurry Heart serves as more of a plot device than a character; minor story contrivances
The Gift of the Maud Pie9Lots of comedy; Rarity bounces off of Pinkie and Maud very well; we get to see more of Manehattan; most mature Pinkie thus far; very heartwarming ending
On Your Marks8Explores Apple Bloom's independence outside the Crusaders well; Out On My Own is beautiful; Tender Taps is likableSome story elements feel recycled from The Show Stoppers
Gauntlet of Fire8.5Long overdue additions to dragon lore; Princess Ember is a great new character; season six continues to use Spike to terrific effectMinor pacing issues in act 3
No Second Prances9Very satisfying return for Trixie; Starlight and Trixie have instant chemistry; adorkable Twilight; hilarious character moments and running gags; very funny endingLesson feels reused from The Crystalling - Part 2
Newbie Dash7.5Callbacks to Sonic Rainboom and Testing Testing 1, 2, 3; a family-friendly look at military hazing; Rainbow's promotion to full Wonderbolt feels well deserved; some background for the other WonderboltsSome gags feel forced; Rainbow's promotion to full Wonderbolt has little fanfare
A Hearth's Warming Tail9.5Return of villain Starlight; every song is fantastic; a great parody of A Christmas Carol while also doing its own thing; a feel-good episode all aroundIt's A Christmas Carol and therefore pretty simple
The Saddle Row Review9Lots of comedy; good use of interviews as a framing device; gags and callbacks; each of the Mane Six is given equal character focus
Applejack's "Day" Off7Development of Applejack and Rarity's relationship; Rainbow Dash's scenes; relatable moralAct 2 is uneventful and drags on too much; not enough focus on Twilight and Spike; Applejack's transitional behavior from act 2 to act 3 is little jarring
Flutter Brutter8Fluttershy's family is finally introduced; Zephyr Breeze is tons of fun and delightful in his unlikability; Can I Do It On My Own; very resonant moral
Spice Up Your Life8Revisiting the Cutie Map; Pinkie and Rarity are an underrated pair; Coriander and Saffron help make Canterlot feel more diverse; It's Gonna Work
Stranger Than Fan Fiction9Lots of funny moments and facial expressions; Quibble Pants is a great character and Patton Oswalt gives a fantastic performance; Caballeron is more menacing here than in Daring Don't; very good moral
The Cart Before the Ponies7.5Cheerilee provides some funny and adorable moments; feels like an improved version of The Show Stoppers; Derby Racers is nice and catchy; good communication-related moralPlot is very simple and easy to predict; main story conflict starts up suddenly with no buildup; Applejack, Rainbow, and Rarity's behavior toward the Crusaders feels exaggerated for the plot's sake; feels like an 11-minute narrative stretched over 22 minutes
28 Pranks Later7.5Homages to zombie horror; very suspenseful third act; some of the comedy feels self-awarePredictable resolution; could be considered a step backward for Rainbow Dash's character; certain elements feel reused from Mare Do Well
The Times They Are a Changeling8Another wonderful Spike episode; Thorax provides more dimension to the changelings as a species; A Changeling Can ChangeDialogue is schmaltzy at times; act 3 conflict feels resolved too quickly; certain details feel glossed over
Dungeons & Discords8.5A good follow-up on Spike and Big Mac's established friendship; Discord's interaction with the main cast is more natural here than in What About Discord?; visual gags and jokes galore
Buckball Season7.5Good and compelling focus on Pinkie and Fluttershy; Snails gets time to shine; nice moralLittle context is provided on buckball's origins, so certain scenes feel oddly placed; story should've moved to Appleloosa earlier on
The Fault in Our Cutie Marks9Gabby is a wonderful new character; great moral; funny side character momentsPersonally, Find the Purpose in Your Life is nice yet mediocre
Viva Las Pegasus8.5Las Pegasus is very colorful and vibrant; Gladmane; Flim and Flam are used to great effect; story constantly keeps the viewer guessingNo song; story feels reminiscent of Friends Forever Issue 9
Every Little Thing She Does9A great companion piece to Lesson Zero; Starlight's overconfidence and self-doubt balance out nicely; nonstop laughs from act 2 onward; episode callbacks
P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)8Clever and funny use of the Rashomon plot device; very funny sight gags; nice backgrounds; good moralIntroduction of the bunyip feels awkward and out of place
Where the Apple Lies7.5Some background into the Apple and Rich families; exploring Applejack and Big Mac's relationship; comedic lines and moments; some entertaining background gagsStory is pretty simple and very dialogue-driven; moral is a little cliche
Top Bolt8Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail are cute, and their personalities balance each other out well; Twilight (and even Spitfire) has adorable momentsTwilight's presence doesn't feel as important as Rainbow's, making the map plot feel like an afterthought
To Where and Back Again - Part 19.5A great start to the conclusion of Starlight's redemption arc; seeing Trixie and Discord in true hero roles; changelings' silent invasion creates a very chilling atmosphere; very funny minor gags and callbacks
To Where and Back Again - Part 210Terrific balance of tension and humor; fantastic character interactions; both the heroes and villains act intelligently; expanding on the Changeling Kingdom; expectations with Chrysalis are averted; lighthearted ending tone; resolution opens up a lot of interesting possibilities......but it's a jarring transition on first watch

Legend of Everfree

Title Rating Pros Cons
My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree8Best animation in an EqG feature thus far; fantastic characters and interactions; songs and musical score; solidly written jokes and romance subplot; plot points blend together almost seamlessly; ending scene provides an interesting sequel hookA small handful of uneventful scenes; some awkward, exposition-heavy dialogue; Filthy Rich is not as much of a threat as he should have been

Season seven

Episode title Rating Pros Cons
Celestial Advice8.5Very emotional and heartwarming; showcases Twilight's relationships with Starlight and Celestia well; Twilight's simulations provide some really funny moments; long-overdue glimpse at Celestia's backgroundDiscord is amusing but just slightly overstays his welcome
All Bottled Up9Adorable Trixie moments; Starlight and Trixie still make a great pair; funny transitions between A-plot and B-plot; Best Friends Until the End of Time is very catchy (and provides some good fourth wall humor); lesson feels like a continuation from Every Little Thing She DoesTrixie's insensitiveness seems a little over-exaggerated for the story's sake; reused animation during Best Friends Until the End of Time feels lazy
A Flurry of Emotions7.5"Auntie Twily" is a welcome break from "Princess Twilight"; focus on Shining Armor and Cadance away from royal duties; Spearhead provides some good laughs; nice lip service to G1; decent moral
Rock Solid Friendship8Maud is as hilarious as ever; Starlight and Maud have good chemistry; clever callbacks to The Cutie Map and To Where and Back AgainPinkie's presence can be overbearing at times; moral feels familiar to A Friend in Deed/No Second Prances
Fluttershy Leans In7.5Most positive portrayal of Fluttershy's assertiveness yet; good, fun use of a returning character; Fluttershy at her most adorableStory is pretty simple and predictable from the get-go; new side characters are forgettable
Forever Filly9.5Fantastic evolution of Rarity's character since Sisterhooves Social; Sweetie Belle at her most mature; further expanding on Rarity and Sweetie Belle's relationship; excellent parallels between Rarity/Sweetie Belle and Zipporwhill/Ripley; some very funny character moments and jokes; great moral
Parental Glideance8Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles ooze personality; story makes excellent use of Scootaloo; one of Madeleine Peters' best performances; hilarious moments and facial expressions throughout; good execution of a very cliche plot; lots of continuity to previous Rainbow Dash episodesEpisode's moral is good, but it's delivered very bluntly and with somewhat stilted dialogue; flashback raises some questions about Rainbow and Lightning Dust
Hard to Say Anything7.5Lots of humor; CMCs are better-intentioned here than in Hearts and Hooves Day; Big Mac and Sugar Belle are kind of cute together......but they're an oddly chosen pairing nonetheless; Feather Bangs is not as charming as other intentionally unlikable characters
Honest Apple7.5Good showing of how much Applejack and Rarity's relationship has progressed; contest ponies are fun and diverse; Photo Finish is hilarious; Rarity's guitar joke; Strawberry Sunrise's scene; good moralApplejack's insensitiveness gets more and more exaggerated by the second act
A Royal Problem9.5Long-awaited Celestia/Luna-focused story; great performances by Nicole Oliver and Tabitha St. Germain; Starlight Glimmer is a natural fit for the conflict presented; very funny Twilight moments and freakouts; act 2 gags and fanservice; Daybreaker is awesome
Not Asking for Trouble7.5Pinkie is not only funny but also mature and sensitive; yaks are much more tolerable than in Party Pooped; some very funny lines and jokesSome scenes feel draggy; moral feels lacking
Discordant Harmony8.5Discord in peak form; further progression of Fluttershy's character; side characters' reactions to Discord; Fluttershy's act 3 comedy; Fluttercord moments galore; excellent moralFirst two acts drag on a little; after a certain point, story's direction becomes predictable
The Perfect Pear11Applejack's parents at long last; Bright Mac and Pear Butter's story is very cute; expanding on old characters like Mrs. Cake and Mayor Mare; the Apple parents' connections to their kids' personalities are well-established; great song; lots of truly heartstring-tugging moments; excellent performances by William Shatner and Felicia Day; minor fanservice; tons of rewatchability
Fame and Misfortune8.5Nods to G3; humorous jabs at the fandom/fanbases in general; plentiful meta/self-aware humor; great/hilarious character moments for Fluttershy, Rarity, and Starlight Glimmer; each character has an equal amount of story focus; foreshadowing for later episodes; Flawless; ambiguous ending is a rare treat
Triple Threat8Spike being in the central role is treated with more seriousness than usual; Thorax's adorable moments; Thorax and Ember play off each other well and have compelling character development; the Cutie Map's new capabilities open the door for more story possibilities; foreshadowing for later episodes; minor meta humor directed at Twilight and Starlight
Campfire Tales7.5Continuity with Sleepless in Ponyville; lots of adorable interaction between each sister pairing; tons of world-building; good parallels between Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash and the legends they tell; potential setup for later storiesCamping trip framing device is uneventful; potential disconnect between viewers who read the comics and viewers who don't; individual legends feel rushed, and legendary ponies don't get much character exploration because of the 22-minute runtime
To Change a Changeling7.5Trixie's obnoxiousness is always a delight; both Thorax and Pharynx have understandable points of view; funny character moments and one-liners; cute and touching flashbackAfter what was teased in Triple Threat, the off-screen resolution is a bit of a letdown
Daring Done?8.5Daring Do showing rare vulnerability; Pinkie Pie is both comic relief and voice of reason; new locations with great animation and backgrounds; more world-building with SomnambulaAfter Daring Don't and Stranger Than Fan Fiction, Rainbow's fangirling gets a little repetitive; Dr. Caballeron's reveal is easy to predict
It Isn't the Mane Thing About You7.5Rarity's character is put on full display; Zecora's long-awaited return; each of the Mane Six is given a moment to shine; lots of continuity; Rarity's awesome look in the third act; resolution is great......but the overall lesson is predictable; uneventful first act; raises questions and inconsistencies about Equestrian magic
A Health of Information8More screentime with Zecora; exploration of Fluttershy and Zecora's relationship; continuity with Fluttershy Leans In; more "Flutterbold"; world-building with Mage Meadowbrook and the Hayseed Swamp
Marks and Recreation8.5Expansion on Rumble's character; relationship between Rumble and Thunderlane; Blank Flanks Forever; continuity with past and current seasons
Once Upon a Zeppelin9Return of Iron Will; good use of Twilight's family members; Star Tracker is a fun addition; mature lesson that fits Twilight's character
Secrets and Pies8Plentiful comedy and funny facial expressions; Pinkie's improved investigation skills; very funny fantasy sequence with badly drawn Rainbow Dash; digging deep into Pinkie and Rainbow's relationship; Pinkie's slow descent into insanity; feels like an Amy Keating Rogers episode
Uncommon Bond8.5Well-needed one-on-one interaction between Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst; Sunburst's interactions with Twilight, Trixie, and Maud; Starlight's restraint in her growing jealousy; callbacks to previous episodes/seasons; relatable lesson; foreshadowingSlight overuse of montages and long pauses between dialogue
Shadow Play - Part 19Opening narration hearkens back to season 1 premiere; continuation and resolution of the season story arc; world-building with the Tree of Harmony and Ponhenge; adorkable Twilight and Sunburst; equal spotlight on each of the Mane Six and SpikeStygian's introduction feels kind of sudden; minor inconsistencies with other MLP media
Shadow Play - Part 28Juggling a large cast of characters; Star Swirl the Bearded's characterization; interaction between Mane Six and their Pillar counterparts; Equestria Girls fanservice; return of the Elements of Harmony; Twilight and Starlight BOTH take center stage; good lesson for Twilight about blind hero worshipThe villain has very little presence after his setup in Part 1; personal gripes with resolution/ending

Equestria Girls specials

Title Rating Pros Cons
Dance Magic8Character focus on Rarity; well-needed character exploration for the Shadowbolts; continuity with Friendship Games and Legend of Everfree; further world-building for the human world; great song; animation is more fluid than everConflict feels familiar to Rarity Takes Manehattan; some of Twilight's dialogue feels robotically-delivered
Movie Magic7.5References to Daring Do books and Power Ponies; minor focus on Rainbow Dash; focus is shifted away from usual school setting; Chestnut Magnifico and Juniper Montage are fun and interesting; Scooby Doo-like mystery plot; further continuity with Legend of EverfreeAct 3 reveal is easy to predict; Twilight's explanation near the end still leaves questions unanswered; Juniper has weak villain motivations
Mirror Magic8.5Juniper is funnier and more likable than in Movie Magic; Starlight Glimmer is adorable; Sunset and Starlight's "fish out of water" gags; Sunset and Starlight play well off of each other; some very funny linesJuniper's act 3 transformation comes out of nowhere; climax is underwhelming compared to previous EqG outings
Forgotten Friendship9Central focus on Sunset Shimmer; Wallflower Blush is EQG's most sympathetic antagonist yet; excellent use of Trixie; adorable beach scenes; long-overdue reunion between Sunset and Celestia; adorkable Twilight; balance between human world scenes and Equestria scenes; expansion of Equestrian lore; Invisible; suspenseful and emotional climax; an all-around feel-good story with equal doses drama and heartwarming; very funny meta humor; lower world-ending stakes ground the story and make the conflict more engagingVillain reveal is easy to predict, even without reading the book first; some plot progressions feel contrived; new magical transformations feel tacked-on and unnecessary
Rollercoaster of Friendship8Central focus on Applejack and Rarity; theme park setting; social media commentary; Fluttershy/Rainbow and Twilight/Sunset scenes; Part 5 twist is equal parts ridiculous and clever; Photo BoothVignette Valencia is not a very strong or compelling villain; plot points feel recycled from Mirror Magic and A Canterlot Wedding; Pinkie Pie feels underused compared to the rest of the main cast; Part 5 climax and resolution feel very rushed

The Movie

Title Rating Pros Cons
My Little Pony The Movie8.5Breathtaking animation and locations; fantastic songs and musical score; countless cameos of fan favorites; first few minutes do a good job of introducing new audiences to the main cast; individual character moments for the Mane Six; very fun and engaging new characters; excellent performances by guest stars; plenty of hilarious jokes and gags; lots of emotion and suspenseSome jokes are groan-worthy; princesses are needlessly sidelined again; story jumps from location to location without spending much time in each one; Applejack and Fluttershy don't get as much time in the spotlight as the others; despite Sia's billing, her character's involvement and contributions don't amount to much; DVD extras and artbook highlight some missed potential and opportunities

Season eight

Title Rating Pros Cons
School Daze - Part 18.5Direct continuity with the 2017 movie; school setup is an interesting change to the status quo; Neighsay makes a very intriguing foil to Twilight; great voice performance by Maurice LaMarche; fun and diverse new characters; the songMovie characters only get lip service instead of return appearances
School Daze - Part 28Good use of Starlight Glimmer; great interactions between the Young Six; Silverstream is an absolute delight; Twilight's confrontation with Neighsay is satisfying; Friendship Always WinsTwilight's depressed act at the beginning is amusing but a little uncharacteristic
The Maud Couple7.5Hilarious cold open; the idea of Pinkie NOT liking someone is pretty novel; Maud and Mudbriar are kind of cute; continuity with Rock Solid Friendship; Pinkie's hallucination sequence; return and use of Limestone and MarbleMudbriar is not as likable as Maud, and his gags wear out quickly; act 2 drags in a lot of places; lesson is predictable and familiar to Maud's first episode
Fake It 'Til You Make It8Fluttershy's very fun personalities; Rarity's selection of Fluttershy contextually makes more sense than her selection of Applejack in Honest Apple"Hipstershy"'s use of millennial slang; lesson feels familiar to Putting Your Hoof Down
Grannies Gone Wild9Plenty of comedy; Granny Smith and her friends are GREAT; lots of hilarious facial expressions from Rainbow Dash; possibly Rainbow Dash at her most responsible; good lesson
Surf and/or Turf9More continuity with (and world-building from) the movie; Terramar and his parents are fun new characters; Your Heart Is in Two Places; Twilight, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo have adorable moments; divorce/parental separation metaphorThe Cutie Map angle feels underutilized compared to other Map episodes
Horse Play8.5Celestia is delightfully awkward throughout the episode; one of Nicole Oliver's most hilarious performances; Twilight/Celestia momentsLesson is somewhat predictable
The Parent Map8Continuity with The Cutie Re-Mark; funny and cute moments for Starlight AND Sunburst; Firelight and Stellar Flare are very entertaining; very relatable moral (at least for me, it is)
Non-Compete Clause7The Young Six are just as enjoyable as in their debut; Fluttershy's "Teacher of the Month" joke is worth a few chucklesApplejack and Rainbow's competitiveness is nothing new, and the story doesn't do anything interesting with it
The Break Up Break Down8Lots of continuity; furthering Big Mac and Sugar Belle's relationship; expanding on Sugar Belle's role in the series; Discord is a constantly amusing presenceVery cliche setup; considering the lip service to Fluttercord, it would have been nice to have Fluttershy involved in the story
Molt Down8.5Long overdue growth/development for Spike; good use of Smolder and Zecora; very funny physical comedy lots MORE continuity; world-building; heartwarming moral
Marks for Effort8CMC's efforts to get into the School of Friendship are very funny, and their new roles as tutors presents an intriguing change-up; great use of Starlight Glimmer; Cozy Glow is fun and cuteChancellor Puddinghead presents a minor inconsistency; Twilight's anger toward the CMC feels a little extreme; Cheerilee is feeling more and more forgotten
The Mean 69Seeing a major villain in a non-two-parter is a nice change of pace;Chrysalis and her minion troubles are nonstop hilarity; anti-Twilight can be very menacing; nightmarish imagery in the third actThe "opposite Mane Six" plot feels very familiar to The Return of Harmony; both Rainbow and anti-Rainbow feel underused; strange that Spike is a no-show