We have a winner! 31 days of voting, and we at last have a victor! The winner of ImperfectXIII's "My Little (Best) Pony Contest" is...


Luna 'oh most wonderful of' S2E04

See how happy she is about winning?

In what is definitely the closest match in this contest by far, Princess Luna wins out over the underdog Applejack by a single -- count it, a SINGLE -- vote! It is therefore with great pleasure that I crown Princess Luna as "Best Pony"*!

(*by this contest's standards, anyway XD)

So what have we learned from all this? Luna should not be allowed in any official popularity poll because she would be sure to dominate. ^_^

Thanks for voting, everyone!

Contest Match Results

Round 1
1Cheerilee vs. Flash SentryReady to Rush (Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance])Cheerilee (7-1)
2Iron Will vs. PeeweeCamelot Castle (Sonic and the Black Knight)Iron Will (9-5)
3Rarity vs. GildaLet Me Blow You a Kiss (Final Fantasy X-2)Rarity (8-2)
4Big McIntosh vs. Smarty PantsWant It, Need It (Hold Me) by OmegaOzoneBig McIntosh (5-4)
5Twilight Sparkle vs. Nightmare MoonNightmare Moon Theme (Fan Based Edition) by Delta BronyTwilight Sparkle (5-1)
6Applejack vs. ScootalooCool Edge - Day (Sonic Unleashed)Applejack (6-5)
7Pinkie Pie vs. DerpyTo Our Surprise (Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX)Pinkie Pie (8-1)
8Rainbow Dash vs. TomRainbow Dash's Theme by MandoPonyRainbow Dash (7-3)
9Fluttershy vs. Daring DoBattle Theme 1 (Unlimited SaGa)Daring Do (9-7)
10Apple Bloom vs. Sweetie BelleSophisticated Fight (The Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki)Sweetie Belle (9-3)
11Queen Chrysalis vs. GummyLovely Gate 3 (Sonic Adventure 2)Queen Chrysalis (6-4)
12Princess Celestia vs. Flim and FlamWelcome to Broadway (Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love)Princess Celestia (poll results lost)
13Princess Cadance vs. DiscordDiscord (EuroChaos Mix) by Eurobeat BronyDiscord (11-3)
14Spike vs. AngelDrunkard Does Make Wise Remarks (Guilty Gear Isuka)Spike (12-2)
15Princess Luna vs. Lightning DustLuna (DREAM MODE) by Eurobeat BronyPrincess Luna (8-4)
16Trixie vs. Fancy PantsPerson Who Conceives Frenzy (Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World)Trixie (8-2)
Round 2
17Cheerilee vs. Iron WillFuriously (Arc Rise Fantasia)Cheerilee (8-5)
18Rarity vs. Big McIntoshFighting is Magic - Rarity Stage Theme by WhitetailRarity (7-3)
19Twilight Sparkle vs. ApplejackFighting is Magic - Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme by RainbowCrash88Applejack (11-5)
20Pinkie Pie vs. Rainbow DashFighting is Magic - Pinkie Pie Stage Theme by WhitetailRainbow Dash (11-10)
21Daring Do vs. Sweetie BelleDaring Sword (Tales of Xillia)Daring Do (13-10)
22Princess Celestia vs. Queen ChrysalisThis Day Aria (Changeling Mix) by Eurobeat BronyQueen Chrysalis (14-11)
23Discord vs. SpikeEtro's Champion (Final Fantasy XIII-2)Discord (15-5)
24Princess Luna vs. TrixieHallucinate Bell (Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis)Princess Luna (19-3)
Round 3
25Cheerilee vs. RarityRarity Theme (CommandSpry fixes Whitetail)Rarity (19-1)
26Applejack vs. Rainbow DashFighting is Magic - Rainbow Dash Stage Theme by RainbowCrash88Applejack (15-7)
27Daring Do vs. Queen ChrysalisCrisis City - Act 2 (Sonic Generations)Queen Chrysalis (17-12)
28Discord vs. Princess LunaNefertiti (Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis)Princess Luna (16-10)
29Rarity vs. ApplejackFighting is Magic - Applejack Stage Theme by RainbowCrash88Applejack (12-9)
30Queen Chrysalis vs. Princess LunaBattle of Ages - Nightmare Moon vs. Queen Chrysalis by Reverb BronyPrincess Luna (14-5)
31Applejack vs. Princess LunaAwakening the Chaos (BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger)Princess Luna (15-14)