Oh, look. Another one of these posts. I'm so original. :P

Some of my previous ideas KIND OF came true (or are going to later in the season), so I reworked some old ideas and mixed in some new ones.

Old ideas

  • The Breezie Pox: A mysterious illness befalls the Breezies, and Seabreeze turns to Fluttershy – and the works of Mage Meadowbrook – for help.
  • Coco's Curtain Call: When all the lead actors in Coco Pommel's big Bridleway debut become incapacitated at the last minute, the Mane Six step in to fill their horseshoes.
Coco Pommel has invited all of her Ponyville friends to opening night of her big Bridleway debut: a revival of the classic musical The Wizard of Oatz. Just a few hours before the first curtain, however, Coco gets the worst news imaginable: her lead actress has come down with a severe case of laryngitis, and her other leading ponies are either sick with the feather flu, in the hospital with broken hooves, or stuck in traffic and can't get to the theater in time. Knowing how important this debut is for Coco's career, Rarity offers her and her friends' services to stand in for the unavailable actors.

In the play, Applejack plays the lead character Desert Rose ("Rosy" for short), who lives on a humble Fillydelphia farm with her family and dog Winnie (played by Winona). One day, Rosy and Winnie get caught in a furious twister and are swept away to a magical land. There, they meet small creatures called Bushwoolies and a kindhearted witch named Glissanda (played by Rarity). In order to get home, the Bushwoolies tell Rosy to go to the city of Canterbury and seek out the Wizard of Oatz.

Along the way, Rosy meets the Scarebat (played by Fluttershy), the Tin Mare (played by Pinkie Pie), and the Cowardly Griffon (played by Rainbow Dash), who also seek the Wizard and join her on her journey. Rosy also contends with the Evil Enchantress of the East (played by Starlight Glimmer), who terrorizes her at every turn. In the city of Canterbury, Desert Rose and her friends meet the Wizard (played by Trixie), but she turns out to be a con artist.

The musical is a rousing success in the end, and Coco thanks her friends for saving her Bridleway debut.

  • The Convention Floor Caper: Twilight, Rarity, and Moon Dancer attend Canterlot BookCon to meet the author of the Shadow Spade novels and find themselves embroiled in a real Shadow Spade-style mystery when the author inexplicably goes missing.
  • The Crusader Legacy: As the Cutie Mark Crusaders help Miss Cheerilee with a cutie mark problem, they discover that she was the founder of a club similar to the Crusaders when she was a filly.
Cheerilee's class has two new students – Tex and Slugger – and they are her most unruly, disobedient students yet. Their constant troublemaking and refusal to do any classwork cause Cheerilee to doubt her abilities as a teacher. The Cutie Mark Crusaders see an opportunity to help their teacher with a cutie mark problem.

Through their talks, the Crusaders learn that Cheerilee originally never wanted to be a teacher and only cared about having fun with her best friends Brights Brightly and Starsong. In fact, when they were growing up together, they used to "crusade" for their cutie marks just as the Crusaders used to. As time went on, however, Brights Brightly and Starsong got their cutie marks before Cheerilee and moved on to better things, leaving Cheerilee to wonder what she wanted to do with her life.

One day, one of Cheerilee’s old classmates asked her to be their foal’s personal tutor, since she was a straight-A student in school. That was when Cheerilee discovered the joys of teaching and got her cutie mark. With the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ help, Cheerilee remembers why she became a teacher in the first place, and her love for teaching is rekindled. She reaches out to Tex and Slugger again and learns that the only reason they act out in class is because they’re having trouble with the schoolwork and feel like dumb losers. So Cheerilee offers to give them after-school tutoring.

  • Crusaders' Day Out: During a trip to Manehattan, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Babs Seed get lost in the big city.
  • Homecoming: When Zecora's old home finds itself without a leader, she must decide between staying with the ponies who have come to accept her as one of their own and returning to be with her own kind.
A zebra named Zolus comes to Ponyville with only one question on his lips: "Where is Zecora?" Zolus is Zecora's oldest friend from when they were foals growing up in the Zebra Savannah. He tells Zecora that her grandmother, the leader of their tribe, become too old and bedridden to lead. Zolus asks Zecora to return to the Savannah and take her grandmother's place as tribe leader before the zebras start fighting for leadership.

Twilight and her friends travel to the Zebra Savannah with Zecora, and she quickly brings things under control. Zecora considers staying for the sake of her family and tribe, and while her pony friends support whatever decision she makes, they remind her of how close they've become as friends since she arrived in Ponyville. Zolus, on the other hand, tried meeting ponies before, and they shunned him just as they shunned Zecora in Bridle Gossip.

After resolving a conflict with another zebra tribe with the pony ways of friendship, Zecora decides to return to Ponyville where she truly belongs, and she appoints Zolus as their tribe's new leader. Having witnessed the effectiveness of the ponies' ways firsthand, Zolus tries to overcome his previous bitterness toward them.

  • Miss Glimmy Explains It All: Princess Celestia calls on Starlight Glimmer to teach a class of foals in magic kindergarten, but the foals are intimidated by Starlight's rather advanced lessons.
  • My Fair Pinkamena: When Pinkie Pie has a chance to rub elbows with the social elite of Canterlot, Rarity sees this as an opportunity for Pinkie to reinvent herself as a charming lady.
  • My Super Sour Sweet Six: Pinkie Pie has to throw a cute-ceañera for the daughter of one of the Cakes' most important clients. If Pinkie doesn't meet the bratty filly's every demand, the Cakes could lose a big chunk of their yearly business.
  • The Old Gray Mayor: Former resort tycoon Gladmane comes to Ponyville and runs for mayor, and due to his natural charisma, Mayor Mare is swiftly booted out of office. When Gladmane starts enforcing new laws that make life miserable for the ponies who ruined him, the Mane Six help Mayor Mare reclaim her old position.
It's reelection season in Ponyville, and the unopposed Mayor Mare looks like a shoo-in for another term... until former resort owner Gladmane arrives and throws his hat in the ring! After Applejack and Fluttershy's Cutie Map adventure, the Mane Six know Gladmane can't be trusted. But Gladmane uses the same "winning" charisma that won over his old employees and customers to win over Ponyville. And how does he do that? By bringing up all the bad things that happened in Ponyville over the years and making Mayor Mare look bad.

Despite the Mane Six's efforts to convince the voters otherwise, Gladmane wins the election by a landslide. Very soon after taking office, he starts putting new laws into effect that make life miserable for the Mane Six: apple farm zoning laws, animal caging laws and sanctuary closures, heavy castle and cloudominium tax hikes, etc. Since Twilight's friends ruined his life by running him out of Las Pegasus, Gladmane has decided he's going to ruin theirs.

Twilight and her friends go to former mayor Miss Mare for help, but Miss Mare can't do anything directly now that she's no longer mayor. But since Miss Mare knows all the ins and outs of town hall, they take Mayor Gladmane down by using the power of bureaucracy and his own dirty tactics against him. They overwhelm him with inconvenient statutes and make him look bad to the ponies of Ponyville just as he made Mayor Mare look bad during the election. When the town faces a big crisis and everypony looks to Mayor Gladmane for the solution, he finally breaks down, reveals himself as the coward he is, and abandons his office seat.

After the crisis is resolved, Gladmane is chased out of Ponyville. Mayor Mare retakes her old position and repeals all of Gladmane's bothersome new laws. The Mane Six tell her that, even with a princess around, there is no Ponyville without her, and there's no one else they'd rather have as their mayor.

  • A Pony and Her Ursa: Starlight Glimmer unexpectedly finds herself with a pet of her own when she rescues a trapped Ursa minor.
While collecting plant samples in the Everfree Forest, Starlight comes across an Ursa minor caught in a bear trap. When she sets it free, it becomes attached to her and starts following her everywhere. As it turns out, this Ursa is being hunted by a poacher of magical creatures who seeks to harvest the magic inside it for nefarious purposes.

No matter what Starlight does, she can't get the Ursa minor to stop following her, and its massive size causes problems for everyone in Ponyville. (The fact that Trixie is terrified of Ursa minors doesn't help Starlight's situation either.) The poacher appears pretending to be a representative for the Equestrian Society for the Preservation of Rare Creatures, and he offers to take the Ursa off of Starlight's hooves, which she is more than happy to accept. However, according to Fluttershy, the Equestrian Society for the Preservation of Rare Creatures doesn't have any representatives in the Ponyville area, and Starlight recognizes the poacher's face on a recently-put-up wanted poster.

Starlight and her friends pursue the poacher into the forest, but they are too late to stop him from draining the Ursa minor of its magic. Starlight thwarts the poacher's schemes, and he is taken into custody by law enforcement. As a result of having its magic harvested, the Ursa minor has shrunk to the size of a small bear cub. Twilight says a magic-less Ursa will slowly recover its magic over time but will be mostly defenseless until then. So Starlight decides to adopt the Ursa as a pet for the time being and names it Polaris.

  • The Prince's New Groove: The Cutie Map summons Rarity to Canterlot to help one of her least favorite ponies in Equestria – Prince Blueblood.
  • Rainbow Pride: When another pony pulls off a sonic rainboom, Rainbow Dash starts to wonder if what made her special as a filly still makes her special as a Wonderbolt.
  • Shine Bright Like an Opal: Opalescence refuses to listen to Rarity when she enters her beloved cat in the Canterlot Cat Fanciers' Competition.
  • The Show Must Go On!: The foals at the Ponyville Schoolhouse put on a play that – LOOSELY – reenacts the season one premiere (similar to "The Ember Island Players" in Avatar: The Last Airbender).
  • Tales of Hearts and Hooves: An anthology episode about Hearts and Hooves Day – three short stories about couples in love.
In the first story, Pinkie Pie helps Cranky Doodle Donkey recreate the night that he and Matilda first met at the Grand Galloping Gala. In the second story, Shining Armor tries making a big romantic gesture for Cadance, but his duties as captain of the guard and as a father to Flurry Heart keep getting in the way. In the third story, Big Mac races to make it in time for a Hearts and Hooves Day dinner date with Sugar Belle.
  • The Whicker Bowl: Spike and Big McIntosh get tickets to the Whicker Bowl, the biggest hoofball event of the year. Now if they can just get to the stadium in Vanhoover without the universe getting in the way...
  • Winter Weather Friends: The ponies are summoned to Tall Tale Town when a weather-controlling dragon named Whimsey Weatherbee takes up residence in the nearby Unicorn Mountain Range.

New ideas

  • Apples and Strawberries: Applejack's rivalry with fellow baker Strawberry Sunrise turns heated and bitter when they enter a baking competition.
  • The Changeling of the Guard: Spike and Thorax help a changeling named Calyx realize his dream of joining the Canterlot Royal Guard when lingering pony prejudices get in the way.
  • Chaotic Magic: Trixie and Discord put on a magic show together, but Discord becomes the more popular of the two, and a jealous Trixie goes to extreme lengths to get her audience back.
  • The Cherry on Top: The Cutie Map calls Applejack and Pinkie Pie to Dodge Junction when Cherry Jubilee's snooty upper-class sister Cherry Truffle returns to town and tries to get Jubilee to sell the rights to their family's cherry orchard.
  • Diamonds Aren't Forever: Diamond Tiara is moving away from Ponyville. Realizing they know so little about their former bully, the Cutie Mark Crusaders spend one last day with her getting to know her better before she leaves.
Diamond Tiara's parents inform her that they're moving to Manehattan in three days. Heartbroken over the possibility of never seeing her best friend again, Silver Spoon tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders to work their "cutie mark hocus-pocus" and fix things. But the Crusaders say there's nothing they can do, and the more they think about it, the more they realize they hardly know anything about Diamond Tiara since all she used to do was bully them.

With the little time they have left together, the Crusaders decide to spend Diamond Tiara's last days in Ponyville doing all the things she likes to do – playing her favorite games, seeing her favorite movies, etc. At the end of it all, the Crusaders and Diamond realize they have a lot in common and that, had things been different at the beginning, they all could've been really close friends. The Crusaders decide, even though Diamond already has a cutie mark, they consider her an honorary Cutie Mark Crusader.

At the very last minute, the situation changes, and Diamond Tiara and her family don't have to move away. The fillies are overjoyed, and they celebrate by having a Cutie Mark Crusader welcoming ceremony for both Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

  • Gloomilee: Unable to cope with Big Mac being in a relationship, Cheerilee asks Zecora for an "anti-love potion" to make herself fall out of love with him. However, the potion has the unintended side effect of removing ALL of Cheerilee's emotions.
  • It Takes Two to Tango: Tender Taps asks Apple Bloom to be his partner in an upcoming dance contest, but overcompetitiveness gets the better of him, and it's up to Apple Bloom to remind him that having fun is most important.
  • The King and Pie: The Yak King of Yakyakistan decrees that in order for Prince Rutherford to inherit the throne and solidify peace between ponies and yaks, he must choose a bride, and he chooses Pinkie Pie.
Prince Rutherford's father, the Yak King of Yakyakistan, is proud of his son for establishing friendly relations between the yaks and the ponies of Equestria. However, in order for Rutherford to inherit the throne and truly solidify peace between ponies and yaks, he must choose a bride. Thus, he chooses the one pony who understands yak culture the most: Pinkie Pie!

After a very sudden (and very loud) marriage proposal, Pinkie is shipped off to Yakyakistan for the wedding ceremony, and her friends follow. Naturally, Pinkie doesn't want to marry someone she doesn't love and only likes Rutherford as a friend, but once she realizes what's at stake – not getting married could jeopardize pony/yak relations and even lead to all-out war – she decides to go through with it. Pinkie's friends try to talk her out of it, but she tells them (and herself) that it's for the good of all Equestria.

When Princess Cadance, the princess of love, gets involved and tells Pinkie Pie to listen to her heart instead of her head, Pinkie finally comes to her senses. She decides not to marry Rutherford, and the yak prince is surprisingly understanding. (Besides, Pinkie's not his type.) Rutherford tells his father that, when he's ready to rule Yakyakistan as king, he will rule his way, and he doesn't need a bride to know he's ready. The Yak King accepts his son's decision, and pony/yak relations are as strong as ever.

  • Lightning Strikes Twice: Lightning Dust reenrolls in the Wonderbolt Academy, but when her confidence is so shattered by her first academy experience that she fails to meet Spitfire's expectations, it's up to Rainbow Dash to restore that confidence.
  • Musical Madness: Fluttershy and Rarity are summoned to Canterlot to solve a friendship problem between Sapphire Shores, DJ Pon-3, and Octavia Melody before Sapphire's upcoming concert.
  • Pie Family Reunion: Pinkie and Maud invite Rarity and Starlight Glimmer to the Pie family reunion.
  • Scoot to My Loo: When Scootaloo starts spending all of her time with Rainbow Dash's parents, her mother gets jealous and plans a whole day for them to spend together.
Scootaloo wakes up one morning and finds a note from her mother saying she had to work early -- AGAIN -- so they can't spend the day together like Scootaloo hoped. So Scootaloo cheers herself up by spending the day with ponies who actually WANT to spend time with her: Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles. While hanging out with Rainbow Dash's parents, Scootaloo wishes her own parents were as enthusiastic about spending time with her as they are.

Meanwhile, Scootaloo's mother Morning Glory finally gets a break from her job as Spoiled Rich's personal assistant to visit her daughter at home, but she isn't there. She asks Holiday and Lofty, and they say Scootaloo is at Bow and Windy's house. When Glory sees how much fun Scootaloo is having with them, she gets jealous and promises to spend an entire day with her like she wants. This leads to a brief but very tense moment between Glory and Rainbow Dash's parents, who wonder if Glory loves her job more than she loves her daughter.

"Don't presume to know how much I love my daughter! She's the most important thing in the world to me! Everything I do is so I can give her anything she could ever want!"
"Anything... except a mom."

The next day, Morning Glory takes a day off from work so she and Scootaloo can spend time together. However, Glory spends much of the time distracted, constantly thinking about work, and whenever she isn't distracted, she suggests doing things that Scootaloo isn't interested in. Scootaloo realizes Glory doesn't know her as well as a mother should know her daughter and runs away. Glory finds Scootaloo sulking on the school playground, and she apologizes for not being around as much as she should be.

Morning Glory almost considers quitting her job as Spoiled Rich's assistant and finding different (albeit less-paying) work, but Spoiled appears and -- having had a stern talking-to from her own daughter Diamond Tiara -- decides to give Glory more flexible hours so she can be with Scootaloo more often. The day after that, Glory takes Scootaloo to a Wonderbolts show.

  • Sky Side Story: When Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles get into a feud with Mr. and Mrs. Shy, Fluttershy and Scootaloo try to make peace... by having Rainbow Dash and Zephyr Breeze pretend to be a couple!
  • The Stare Master Returns: When the Mane Six are summoned to a town where everypony's been turned to stone, they discover it to be the work of a Mother Cockatrice.
  • Swanfire: Rainbow Dash accidentally reveals the secret to Spitfire's flying ability - she practices aerial ballet!
The Wonderbolts practice their flying routines for an upcoming show. Spitfire wants to incorporate a new maneuver into the routine that calls for extremely tight midair turning that the average flyer isn't capable of. While most of the Wonderbolts have difficulty pulling off the maneuver, Spitfire executes it with complete ease. Rainbow Dash asks Spitfire what her secret is, and Spitfire refuses to tell. When Rainbow gets too nosy, Spitfire punishes her -- and the rest of the Wonderbolts -- by making them fly laps around the base.

Later that day, after practice ends, Spitfire leaves something behind in her locker, and Rainbow flies to her house to give it to her. There, Rainbow discovers Spitfire wearing a tutu and practicing aerial ballet. Utterly mortified, Spitfire says the intricate and precise movements of ballet help her pull off those tight turns during Wonderbolt practice. She makes Rainbow Dash promise to keep it a secret from the other Wonderbolts, and Rainbow promises.

The next day, after practice, Spitfire's ballet shoes fall out of her locker. Before Rainbow can put them away before someone sees them, Fleetfoot and Misty Fly catch her and put two and two together. Before long, Spitfire's embarrassing secret is the talk of the HQ. Rather than respond with her usual brand of loud anger, Spitfire cries tears of humiliation and flies home. Spitfire shuts herself indoors after this, and no matter how much Rainbow Dash apologizes, Spitfire refuses to come out, deeply hurt by the betrayal of someone she's come to consider a good friend.

With Spitfire unavailable and the Wonderbolts' next show coming very soon, Soarin takes command, but the Wonderbolts won't last long without a captain. Rainbow goes back to Spitfire's house and tells her she has a plan to fix everything, and all Spitfire has to do is come to the show and watch from the sidelines. On the day of the show, Spitfire sits in the spectator stands as the Wonderbolts appear -- with Rainbow Dash wearing a ballet tutu! Despite some of the laughs Rainbow receives, she and the Wonderbolts perform Spitfire's new routine, and the show is a success.

After the show, Spitfire thanks Rainbow for going so far to help her get over her embarrassment, and Rainbow Dash assures her that no matter what embarrassing things she does, the rest of the Wonderbolts will never stop respecting her. In fact, Soarin and the others ask Spitfire if she can teach them some ballet moves to improve their flying.

  • Weird Wednesday: Starlight Glimmer and Trixie accidentally swap bodies on the night before Trixie has to put on a big magic show and Starlight has to give a friendship lecture at the School for Gifted Unicorns.
  • Will the Real Pinkie Pie Please Stand Up?: The last Pinkie Pie duplicate is discovered living in Manehattan, and the ponies wrestle with the decision of whether or not to send her back to the Mirror Pool.
  • You Make My Heart Soar: When the Cutie Mark Crusaders notice Miss Cheerilee acting distracted during class and Rainbow Dash notices Soarin acting distracted during Wonderbolt practice, their separate investigations lead to a startling discovery: Cheerilee and Soarin are dating!