Oh, look. Another one of these posts. I'm so original. :P

Some of my previous ideas KIND OF came true (or are going to later in the season), so I reworked some old ideas and mixed in some new ones.

Old ideas

  • Coco's Curtain Call: When all the lead actors in Coco Pommel's big Bridleway debut become incapacitated at the last minute, the Mane Six step in to fill their horseshoes.
  • The Convention Floor Caper: Twilight, Rarity, and Moon Dancer attend the Shadow Spade Convention and become embroiled in a real Shadow Spade-style mystery.
  • The Crusader Legacy: As the Cutie Mark Crusaders help Miss Cheerilee with a cutie mark problem, they discover that she was the founder of a club similar to the Crusaders when she was a filly.
  • Crusaders' Day Out: During a trip to Manehattan, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Babs Seed get lost in the big city.
  • Homecoming: When Zecora's old home finds itself without a leader, she must decide between staying with the ponies who have come to accept her as one of their own and returning to be with her own kind.
  • The Old Gray Mayor: When a new, charismatic pony comes to town and runs for mayor, Mayor Mare is swiftly booted out of office, so the Mane Six help her reclaim her old position.
  • Winter Weather Friends: The ponies are summoned to Tall Tale Town when a weather-controlling dragon named Whimsey Weatherbee takes up residence in the nearby Unicorn Mountain Range.

New ideas

  • Apples and Strawberries: Applejack's rivalry with fellow baker Strawberry Sunrise turns heated and bitter when they enter a baking competition.
  • The Changeling of the Guard: Spike and Thorax help a changeling named Calyx realize his dream of joining the Canterlot Royal Guard when lingering pony prejudices get in the way.
  • Chaotic Magic: Trixie and Discord put on a magic show together, but Discord becomes the more popular of the two, and a jealous Trixie goes to extreme lengths to get her audience back.
  • Diamonds Aren't Forever: Diamond Tiara is moving away from Ponyville. Realizing they know so little about their former bully, the Cutie Mark Crusaders spend one last day with her getting to know her better before she leaves.
  • Gloomilee: Unable to cope with Big Mac being in a relationship, Cheerilee asks Zecora for an "anti-love potion" to make herself fall out of love with him. However, the potion has the unintended side effect of removing ALL of Cheerilee's emotions.
  • The King and Pie: The Yak King of Yakyakistan decrees that in order for Prince Rutherford to inherit the throne and solidify peace between ponies and yaks, he must choose a bride, and he chooses Pinkie Pie.
  • Lightning Strikes Twice: Lightning Dust reenrolls in the Wonderbolt Academy, but when her confidence is so shattered by her first academy experience that she fails to meet Spitfire's expectations, it's up to Rainbow Dash to restore that confidence.
  • Musical Madness: Fluttershy and Rarity are summoned to Canterlot to solve a friendship problem between Sapphire Shores, DJ Pon-3, and Octavia Melody before Sapphire's upcoming concert.
  • Pie Family Reunion: Pinkie and Maud invite Rarity and Starlight Glimmer to the Pie family reunion.
  • Scoot to My Loo: When Scootaloo starts spending all of her time with Rainbow Dash's parents, her mother gets jealous and plans a whole day for them to spend together.
  • Sky Side Story: When Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles get into a feud with Mr. and Mrs. Shy, Fluttershy and Scootaloo try to make peace... by having Rainbow Dash and Zephyr Breeze pretend to be a couple!
  • The Stare Master Returns: When the Mane Six are summoned to a town where everypony's been turned to stone, they discover it to be the work of a Mother Cockatrice.
  • Swanfire: Rainbow Dash accidentally reveals the secret to Spitfire's flying ability - she practices aerial ballet!
  • Two to Tango: Tender Taps asks Apple Bloom to be his partner in an upcoming dance contest, but overcompetitiveness gets the better of him, and it's up to Apple Bloom to remind him that having fun is most important.
  • Weird Wednesday: Starlight Glimmer and Trixie accidentally swap bodies on the night before Trixie has to put on a big magic show and Starlight has to give a friendship lecture at the School for Gifted Unicorns.
  • Will the Real Pinkie Pie Please Stand Up?: The last Pinkie Pie duplicate is discovered living in Manehattan, and the ponies wrestle with the decision of whether or not to send her back to the Mirror Pool.