My Little Pony Equestria Girls has come and gone.

...Well, I guess it hasn't gone yet; it'll still be showing in theaters over the next month or so.

Point is, it's premiered. Many of us have now seen it. Overall consensus says "it's okay". (Some might disagree.) But that's not what this blog post is about.

Depending on the success of this movie (or regardless of it, who knows?), a full-fledged animated spin-off may be on the horizon. We've now seen what the world this movie introduces is like, who lives in it, and what its general feel is.

Fillies and gentlecolts... we have Canterlot High School.

Now! For those of you who've seen the movie, what are your thoughts regarding what this potential spin-off will be like? How might the new series present itself? What might the first episode establish, and what will the series' over-arching themes be (though we can venture educated guesses)?

Here is a small handful of my own thoughts as to what "Equestria Girls the Series" will establish; I'm sure some of you have come to the same conclusions.

WARNING: The following sections are rather spoilerriffic. If you haven't yet seen the movie, I strongly suggest you stop reading.

Sunset Shimmer will be the main character

As if this wasn't blatantly obvious. We have a brand new character in Sunset Shimmer, and the writers will no doubt expand her character that the movie introduced. However, this presents a theme we're all too familiar with, which I will go into below.

It would make very little sense to introduce yet another new character to fill the lead role, as that would potentially let Sunset's character go to waste.

Sunset Shimmer is the new Twilight Sparkle

Also pretty obvious. One can come to the conclusion that Sunset Shimmer is essentially how Twilight Sparkle would've turned out had she not made any friends. Twilight asks the rest of the "Hu-Mane Six" to be her friends, pretty much setting the stage for Sunset to grow as a compelling character.

Sunset and Flash Sentry get back together

This isn't so much a prediction as it is something I wouldn't mind happening. If there's one plot point Equestria Girls introduced that it immediately ignored and I wished it had explored further, it's the fact that Flash is Sunset's ex-boyfriend. If neither Sunset nor Flash are to appear in season 4, this is one shipping I have no real problem with.

(And let's face it: Flash Sentry has no character to speak of. Plenty of potential there.)

But Flash is in love with Twilight!

One: It's called a crush. We've all had them, and we've all gotten over them. Two: Even if he doesn't get over Twilight, he's got to know the odds of seeing her again are slim. (Especially since he won't be in season 4. XD) Three: When Flash last saw Twilight, she had pony ears and wings. Unless Flash is into that sort of thing, well...

Friendship theme

Also incredibly obvious. If Sunset's the new Twilight, and given the events of the movie, it can be assumed that one of the spin-off's over-arching themes will be friendship. But as I mentioned before, this is a theme we're already very familiar with, so much so that this new series' stories could devolve into rehashing.

If the writers want to avoid this, the friendship theme will need to be cut back on, which I don't doubt it will be.

New cast of characters

As those of us who've seen the movie are aware, many of Canterlot High's students are characters we already know: Snips, Snails, Cheerilee, Photo Finish, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, etc. Like the theme of friendship detailed above, this is retreading old ground; these characters can stick around, but their stories can't be explored without it seeming lazy.

Naturally, I expect a new cast of supporting and background characters to be introduced. (But that doesn't mean the eye-catching cameos should cease. On the contrary, the more cameos, the better, I say!)

Existence of magic?

The end of the movie made one thing clear: the students of Canterlot High know that magic exists. Barring a school-wide memory wipe or giant retcon, this'll be difficult to avoid. How will the new series expand on this discovery, if at all? Will magical elements other than the portal to Equestria be introduced? Naturally, I don't expect it to be on anywhere near the scale of FiM's, but outright ignoring it would be near impossible.

That's all I have to say on the subject. This concludes our tour of ImperfectXIII's pony-saturated mind. We hope you've enjoyed the ride, and we'll see you again next time.