Lately, I've been thinking about MLP ships. (I place partial blame for this on Legends of Magic #4. Ever since No Second Prances, I almost forgot I used to ship Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst.) But not just ships in general - ships that I consider to be underrated/underappreciated. Ships that other people might not expect (the common term for this type of ship is "crack shipping"). Ships that, for whatever reason, I like even if I still prefer other ships over them. So I thought, why the hell not? I'll share some of my favorite underrated/unexpected ships with you and explain in minor detail why I like them.


Right off the bat, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Impy, you forgettable fool! Applejack hates Flim! Do you not remember Viva Las Pegasus?" Yes, I am aware of the animosity between these two, but I think that's part of the reason why I like it. (I'm still very much a Rarijack shipper, regardless.) I like to imagine that, sometime in the future, Flim and Flam find themselves truly down on their luck -- like their good luck has finally run out -- and they have nopony to turn to except the Apples.

Naturally, the Apples are all "Hit the bricks, ya lowlifes!" at first, but after seeing how pitiful they look, Applejack decides to take them in until they get back on their hooves. She teaches them the value of an honest day's work, Flim discovers a talent for apple-bucking, and romance blossoms in the apple fields. ...I apologize for that disturbing glimpse into the enigma that is my mind. Let's move on.

Fluttershy/Bulk Biceps

Okay, so not exactly an underrated ship -- I know quite a few people still ship these two -- but one that I feel has dropped in popularity over a last couple of years with the recent rise of "Fluttercord". Nevertheless, ever since Rainbow Falls, I kind of liked the idea of two together. Bulk is clearly really sensitive at heart, what with his fear of butterflies and implied talent for the violin. As a couple, I like to imagine Fluttershy helping Bulk overcome his fear and Bulk occasionally serenading Fluttershy with his violin-playing. (Plus, I like the idea of them sometimes switching roles, with Fluttershy getting enraged and Bulk cowering behind her. Like I said, my mind is weeeeiiiird.)

Rainbow Dash/Quibble Pants

I thought these two had great chemistry in Stranger Than Fan Fiction (their scene in the convention foam pit is especially ship-fueling), but it's not surprising to see this ship dip in popularity soon after the episode aired. It was, after all, just a one-off thing. Still, I like to imagine that these two still get together once in a while to have little Daring Do debates -- not out of bitterness but for fun -- and then... go see a movie afterward or something. I dunno. :P

Diamond Tiara/Pipsqueak

This is one of the "lesser" ships on my list, but I still think it's cute. I sort of started liking it after Crusaders of the Lost Mark. I like to imagine that, during Pip's reelection campaign for student pony president, he asks Diamond Tiara to be his campaign manager, and they become good friends over the course of the election. Years later, when the school foals have grown up, Pip finally gets a growth spurt, and that's when Diamond really starts to notice him. (Plus, she's a total sucker for that Trottinghamian accent of his!)

Hoity Toity/Photo Finish

This was a ship I never expected to like, but after Honest Apple, I couldn't help it. I was suddenly in love with the idea of two big moguls in the fashion industry becoming an item. It sounded like the kind of thing Rarity would eat up. Plus, I think Hoity and Photo would complement each other well; Hoity clearly likes over-the-top presences and performances, and you can't get more over-the-top than somepony who telegraphs their dramatic faints. (Just imagine Photo's reaction when Hoity asks her to marry him. XD)

Joe/Cinnamon Chai

You want to know how underappreciated this ship is? There is no fan art of it at all! Nevertheless, allow me to paint you a picture. You're Donut Joe. You're a long-time business owner in Canterlot, providing fresh baked goods and hot drinks to the masses. You're not a millionaire or anything, but you love what you do. One day, a big, fancy tea and cake shop opens down the street and threatens to steal away your business in this part of town. When you go to give the manager a piece of your mind, you find out it's owned by the most beautiful mare you've seen in your life.

All anger gone from your mind, you strike a conversation with her and find you have a lot in common, including a love of baking for baking's sake. And you have to admit, that chocolate cherry cake with custard filling and buttercream frosting rosettes is to die for! You guess there's no reason there can't be two bakeries in the same part of Canterlot. In fact, ever since the other one opened, business at yours has been booming because Cinnamon Chai's been highly recommending the donuts from your establishment. Eventually, you work up the nerve to ask her out on a date, and she eagerly accepts.

...I should write a fanfic about this.

Zephyr Breeze/Tree Hugger

Okay, hear me out because I'm sure some of you looking at me right now like I'm insane. This is another pairing I couldn't help but like the more I thought about it. Imagine Rainbow Dash, having had enough of Zephyr Breeze's flirting, asks her friends if they know any ponies she could introduce him to. Fluttershy suggests Tree Hugger, but after Make New Friends but Keep Discord, the others don't think it's a good idea, but Rainbow Dash is desperate. So the Mane Six set up a meet-and-greet, and wouldn't you know it, Tree Hugger takes a real shine to Zephyr's "groovy aura". And even though she isn't his precious "Rainbows", Zeph finds that Tree Hugger's laidback style and attitude matches well with his own. Plus, he can't help but try and do something with those dreadlocks of hers.

...I should write a fanfic about this, too.

Hope you enjoyed this extended peek into my brain. Tell me what you think about these ships in the comments below, and feel free to share any ships/pairings that you think are also underrated. ImperfectXIII, out!