You know what I like to do? Make fantasy casting choices for future seasons of my favorite shows.

If you were on the casting crew for DHX Media, who would you cast in an episode of Friendship is Magic and what character would you have him/her portray? An existing background pony who up until now has been voiceless? A new character altogether? I'm curious.

Here are a few of my off-the-cuff choices:

Nicole Bouma as one of Pinkie Pie's sisters
Paul Dobson as Star Swirl the Bearded
Jillian Michaels as Diamond Tiara's singing voice
Brad Swaile as one of the Wonderbolts

...I'm a bit of a voice actor savant. LOL

All of my choices are among Canadian voice actors because that's who DHX typically hires, but don't feel the need to limit yourselves to that. Have a favorite voice actor or actress you'd wish to see on Friendship is Magic?

ImperfectXIII, out!