Warning! Total waste of a blog post incoming! You were warned!

This one's a bit different in tone than my last one. I'm sitting in my college's 10th floor student lounge today working with a friend on our senior project. Progress is a little slow because we're waiting for our third team member to show up.

So while we're waiting, I'm skimming through Issue 2 of the My Little Pony comic by IDW (which is all kinds of epic, by the by). This guy walks up from behind me and asks me if I'd drawn the comic myself. (His exact words were "did you draw that pony comic?") Hah. Like I have even a shred of Andy Price's talent. I tell him no, recommend the comic for him to read, and he walks off.

(Four seconds later)


I yank my headphones off and catch up to the guy. "You knew what that was on my computer screen?" I ask him. "Yeah. My Little Pony", he says to me.

Applejack & Rainbow brohoof S1E13

Slap me some skin-- er, hoof, soul brony!

I think I swapped brains with 90's Kid at that point, because all I could think was "DUUUUUUUUDE!" I brohoofed that guy so hard.

Allow me to supply some context for this moment: no one -- mind you, no one -- in my family or usual circle of friends is a brony or watches Friendship is Magic. Three years of attending college, and I'd never met another brony in person. I've never given anyone a brohoof before. (Crazy, huh?) Fistbumps, yes, but not a brohoof (there IS a difference).

It's an awesome feeling. Why is it an awesome feeling? I think it's because I no longer have that sensation of solitude or loneliness. It's a sappy sentiment, I know, but kinda cathartic. I was riding that "first brohoof high" for a solid 45 seconds.

What about you guys? Do you talk the pony talk with anyone without the use of a keyboard?