Okay. Bear with me for a minute, because I have a feeling some of you are already reaching for the Back button.

We all know about the upcoming Equestria Girls spinoff (if you don't, go here and educate yourselves). A lot of us don't cotton to the concept. Some of us do. Doesn't matter. Point is, it's coming and there's no stopping it. It might turn out to be good. Or, as many would agree, it might bomb tremendously. Again, doesn't matter. That's not what this blog post is for.

What this blog post IS for is that I'd like to poke your brains again.

Put yourselves in the shoes of someone on Equestria Girls' animation team. Do you have for yourselves an ideal vision of what the Mane Six would look like if they were humans, of what Equestria Girls would look like if you had the say-so? Post (or link to) a picture or two of that vision. I have a vision too (which I'll get to in a second), because believe it or not, I've given thought to the idea of the Mane Six as humans before hearing about this spinoff. I don't apologize for that.

What would I like the humanized Mane Six to look like? A few art styles come to mind, all by extremely talented artists on DeviantART:

1) Ricardo "Ric-M" Magundayao

Mane Six
Character Sheet

2) Warren "Aeolus06" Blakely

Mane Six and Spike

3) Glanco Justicar

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash
Character Sheet

Have the spinoff look like any of these, and I'd be a happy brony.

What about you? Have a humanization favorite by an artist? Or would you have Equestria Girls' art style emulate another animated series? Share your thoughts, but I have two rules: no anthro (because that doesn't count as human), and no big boobs (because this is neither junior high nor MLPchan; keep it classy). And please, no "the Mane Six can't all be white" arguments; this is purely for the sake of imagination and entertainment, so check political correctness at the door.

For the record, I'm kinda looking forward to Equestria Girls. Good or bad (or so bad it's good), it's gonna be an amusing distraction until season 4 of FiM gets here.

ImperfectXIII, out!