Hi im imtheaura and today im going to make a game so the rules are pretty simple and all you do is make a pony but heres the catch:

1. it cannot be an already existing pony (unless its urs)

2. i do not atollerate swears and please dont swear to describe a pony (please)

3. make it original! dont use others ideas!

4. if you drew it after you are welcome to add the photo after im done typing this

5. please be nice! nobody wants to be insulted now do they?

so thats about it oh and i will start with describing my pony (i drew it on a notepad so dont even think bout copying me)

princess luckwing

she wears amulets said to make one super lucky.she uses her magic to spread luck acrost equestria

mane/tail has the rainbow dash like style (more crazy like when rd was a filly)

pony color is blue

eye color is green (was supossed to be light green but i messed it up lol)

cutie mark is a four leaf clover behind a golden horseshoe

has golden shoes with a red gem (looks like a rupee) in the back ones and a round red gem in the front

is an allicorn