·         Lost and Found Part 1 – Starlight and Trixie go scouting for Queen Chrysalis wanting to be alone but Twilight and Spike just can’t help following then.

·         Lost and Found Part 2 – When Twilight and Spike catch up with Starlight and Trixie they all apart from Spike accidently get lost so it’s up to the mane five and Spike to retrieve them.

·         Cakewalk ­– After a failed dinner party with her parents Pinkie Pie is dead set on impressing her parents with a record involving the biggest cake in Equestria but her parent’s judgments shadow her Cake Making.

·         Pulling Your Punches – On her way back to the castle Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer learn what it is like to have a really, really, really bad day.

·         The Trial Of Miss T. Lulamoon – On a trip to Manehatten the ponies find out that before and after the events of Boast Busters Trixie had a criminal record resulting in the ponies clearing her name. 

·         A King, A Dragon and The Ponies – Spike, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy go to The Changeling Kingdom to check up on Thorax again but they find out the kingdom are paranoid about the return of Queen Chrysalis.

·         Discord Games - Once The Equestria Games come around again, but when Discord becomes the coach of the Ponyville Team consisting of Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Starlight Glimmer but Discord has plans of how his team can win.

·         Fashion War – Business in Rarity For You is going slow and Rarity doesn’t know why and when she finds out that Suri Polomare is back in Manehatten and stealing her spotlight she is bit happy.

·         A Star Is Born – Rarity and Rainbow Dash get sent to Applewood where they help a meek yet talented musician named Starry Eclipse find her feet and do what she wants to do because she is cast by the shadow of popularity.

·         Pink Is The New Pony – When Pinkie Pie gets sent to The Ponyville Detention Centre for a crime she didn’t commit she makes alliances with her inmates and when the ponies break in to rescue her she doesn’t really care.

·         Blooms and Brooms – When Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo making an unlikely friendship with Diamond Tiara’s butler’s grand-filly (who is a blank flank) they help her with her and her grand pony’s duties. 

·         How Much Apples Can Applejack Buck? – When Applejack puts her name down for The upcoming Appleloosa rodeo Big Mac tries his best to whip Applejack into shape when in all retrospect she’s already perfect.

·         Lies, Cries and Flight – When Spitfire conducts Rainbow Dash to leading the Wonderbolts for the week while she goes on break it becomes apparent somebody is sabotaging them with their failed .

·         Luna Cypher – When ponies start despising Luna for giving them bad dreams she begs the Cutie Mark Crusaders to help her because they are the only ponies that don’t mind and all 4 of them try to make dreams.

·         Can A Pony Change? – When Spike starts wondering why Twilight really cares for him Spike seeks out Zecora to find a potion to make him a pony but is it really an appearance that will make Twilight like Spike more?

·         A Rarity – When Twilight and Starlight show the mane six their innate magic abilities Rarity gets a tad jealous that she is not as special as the other unicorns and the Alicorn.

·         Crystal Mayhem – Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are sent by the map to The Crystal Empire to solve a friendship problem including Sunburst and Flurry Heart but both of them wonder why a magic pony hasn’t been sent.

·         The Famous Three – Starlight, Twilight and Moondancer start a magic midnight gang but when they finally get caught they use their innate magic abilities to get out of dodge. 

·         Fluttering By – Fluttershy helps The Cutie Mark Crusaders find Cutie Mark Problems but they find out she’s hiding a friendship problem that she doesn’t want solved.

·         Celestial – From an interesting perspective we have an episode including Princess Celestia getting prepared for a summit that since the beginning of the day was bound to go wrong.

·         Pinkie Politics – When Pinkie gets kicked out by the cakes for goofing up one simple job she takes up another career in politics by running against Mayor Mare and turning sane and calm in the process.

·         Starlight Fever – Trixie joins Starlight back to Our Town for Hearth’s Warming Eve and are happy to see that it is festively decorated and all the ponies are merry but it’s clear that Starlight is a bit controlling.

·         Living With The Enemy – When Discord crashes in Twilight’s Castle for the day he abuses Twilight’s hospitality by making her castle of Friendship a haven for chaos and all things weird.

·         Arabian Nights – Twilight and Applejack are sent to Saddle Arabia to help the newly appointed Princess – Amore rule the kingdom for the day whilst her father is meeting with Princess Celestia.

·         Destiny Calls Part 1 – When Queen Chrysalis returns in the Changeling Kingdom the whole of Equestria goes into panic so Starlight reunites her old gang (Trixie, Thorax and Discord) to track down Chrysalis.

·         Destiny Calls Part 2 – Starlight and her gang of ponies try and stop the Queen as she gets closer to her destination point of The Crystal Empire whilst The Mane Six and the rest of Equestria get prepared for the worst.