1. Party Of One

It may be a little expected that this episode is on my list because most of you should know I love me some crazy! This is the episode that made me genuinely like Pinkie Pie I kind of liked her before but she was my least favourite of the mane six but then after this episode and so many ore I loved her even more! When Pinkie went psychotic I totally didn’t see it coming but when it happened I was like what?! Every line in this episode Pinkie said made me laugh out loud especially her hilarious voices for Madame La-flour and the others (comedy gold).


Honourable Mentions


The Cutie Mark Chronicles             Best Night Ever         Sonic Rainboom       Suited for Success


  1. Hurricane Fluttershy

I said in the last episode that I love me some crazy but when a season has this much growth for a character I can easily make an impasse, when I first saw the episode I was in awe at what it did for Fluttershy, when Pinkie Pie skyrocketed to my 3rd favourite mane six Fluttershy went to my least favourite. But know looking back at some of her best episodes this one, Keep Calm and Flutter On and Dragonshy I’m starting to regret always saying she was my least favourite mane six, though (don’t be mad at me) she is still my least favourite mane six.


Honourable Mentions


Lesson Zero                     The Return Of Harmony           Sisterhooves Social                 Read It and Weep                                           A Canterlot Wedding




  1. Keep Calm and Flutter On

This episode was so hilarious I mean really can any of you comprehend an even better premise for an episode than this, at the surface it is basically a Discord and Fluttershy episode and in my opinion a great one! Discord was comedy gold and Twilight and the mane six trying to find out what Discord was doing was also comedy gold, though at the end of the day I don’t really have that much to say about the episode. Though don’t get me wrong it was amazing!


Honourable Mentions


Magic Duel                       Magical Mystery Cure               Too Many Pinkie Pies Wonderbolts Academy


  1. Pinkie Pride

What more can I say about this episode it’s for one a musical episode and obviously should be amazing. In my opinion other than A Hearth’s Warming Tail this is the best paced one because it wasn’t really a big even like Magical or Crusaders so it has room to actually have purpose other than establish some important word-building and stuff. And how can I talk about this episode without talking about Weird Al Yankovic, Cheese Sandwich was so amazing comedy gold this episode was amazing!


Honourable Mentions


Twilight’s Kingdom        Flight To The Finish      For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils

Twilight Time                  Three’s a Crowd


  1. Amending Fences

Favourite episode ever! I don’t’ know why but I cried for hours at this episode Moondancer is one of my favourite characters in MLP. This had amazing call-backs, M.A Larson how did you top Slice of Life? I mean really this episode is so amazing most people like this less than COTLM but I am in disagreement. This episode was not a disappointment it was amazing whoever dislikes this episode is highly insensitive and is deaf and blind and probably not reading this blog. Moondancer and Twilight are so adorable LARSON, you did good!


Honourable Mentions


Slice Of Life                      COTLM                Mane Attraction                   Make New Friends and Keep Discord


  1. A Hearth’s Warming Tail

This episode was amazing! Say goodbye to the holiday with my magic I’ll erase it…