After the comments on my original Season 7 ideas I did find out that those episodes were a bit too let's say bloodthristy so what I will do is, I will redo them! Hope you enjoy.

  • ​A Flight Reunion - Rainbow Dash has got a letter to go to Cloudsdale for a Junior Speedsters Flight reunion but most ponies seem to have forgotten her.
  • ​Peace Again - ​After the past few days Starlight wants some rest so she, Trixie and Twilight try and go to the Ponyville Spa but suddenly problems arise.
  • ​Rarity and the Business of Manehatten - ​After a new shop steals Manehatten's fame Rarity has to drum enough business to keep her boutique.
  • ​Ponylantis - Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy get called by the map to go to a washed up Island but they have to stop it from sinking.
  • ​Bolting In Progress - After Spitfire calls in sick, Rainbow Dash is recruited to be their leader for the week but she has no idea how to lead.
  • ​A Rarity