Hello, everyone, and welcome to the newest installment in the Who Is Best Pony series but this time it's the ​Loser Bracket​, just like in Guinea's blog this is how it works - the 32 characters who lost in Round 1 of Pony Arena Tourney II have all been placed in a bracket, in which the loser of the first matchup goes against the loser of the last bracket, and so forth. In each round, several matchups will take place, in which two of the losers go head-to-head in a poll. To play, all you have to do is vote on said poll, and whichever contestant gets more votes by the end of the round moves ahead! However, the one with the lesser amount of votes is out, so vote wisely! The game will continue this way for many rounds, until only one character remains, taking the top spot of the loser bracket and earning a chance to fight the third place victor for their title! Each round will last only 1 day, and four matchups will happen in every blog post.

Remember only 16 of the 32 characters will progress, so chose wisely! And remember the winner of the loser bracket will win 3rd place so this will mean a lot are you ready to see who will be annihilated!  I'm sure I am! Let's go.

First up we have the sporty and asserted leader and coach of the aerial acrobatic team the Wonderbolts, Spitfire! And the other has got tricks up her sleeves, it's Trixie!

Loser Bracket Round 1: Spitfire vs. Trixie

Spitfire 4

Trixie 8

Then the earth pony with a hearty voice and a heart to go with it and the snarky CPS students it's Coloratura and Sunny Flare! Who will you pick to win?!

Loser Bracket Round 1: Coloratura vs. Sunny Flare

Coloratura 12

Sunny Flare 0

Next up the hardworking earth pony who most love it's Applejack and the lilac pony obsessed with a certain type of species some of us may know about it's Lyra Heartstrings! Who will you vote for?

Loser Bracket Round 1: Applejack vs. Lyra

Applejack 11

Lyra 1

And last but certainly not least it is the fun loving griffon who was introduced to us in the season 6 episode The Fault in Our Cutie Marks it's Gabby! And the equally as fun or more so, Lord Of Chaos and so much more it's Discord!

Loser Bracket Round 1: Gabby vs. Discord

Gabby 3

Discord 9