Act One

  On orders of Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle and Spike are writing letters for the upcoming Grand Galloping Gala where popular singer Songbird Serenade will sing. Twilight and Spike are both very excited for the gala but oh so suddenly they get a letter from Princess Celestia saying that the Gala has to be postponed because of unforeseen circumstances. So Twilight being curious reunites Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Spike to go to Canterlot with her to find out what the unforeseen circumstances. Whilst Starlight Glimmer - Twilight’s personal protégé - looks after Ponyville in their place.

  Theme Song (My Best Friends)

  The ponies take The Friendship Express to Canterlot but when they get there they find the city in distress everyone seems really paranoid. Everypony is telling them the city isn’t safe or Twilight will know what to do or go to the castle. They get closer to the castle and there they are greeted but Princess Luna who takes them to the castle. On their way Luna tells them that the past few days having been easy due to what happened. Since the ponies don’t know what she’s talking about they are confused. Luna tells them that threats have been coming from the far north further than the Crystal Empire’s borders.   They meet Celestia in her room she like the Canterlot civilians is in distress. She says that Equestria is not ready for him, that his forces are too strong and they outnumber the Equestrian army ten to one. Twilight asks who he is. Celestia tells them that the person they’re talking about is The Storm King and who he is. He used to be an elite unicorn with magic to rival Celestia and Luna probably even combined but his intelligence made him unpopular, nerdy, unsociable nobody liked him so he used his magic to make them he was the person to create the I want spell. The only friend he had was Star Swirl a Bearded and he didn’t even know it. So The Storm King on the friendship adrenaline rush used his ‘friends’ as an army he would use to take over the world with, ponies tried to stop him but he used his advanced magic to freeze them into statues, statues of his conquest. The only pony who could stop him was Star Swirl himself who used his magic to send him to a Tartarus cell. He was never heard of again until he escaped. He’s been sending threats to me and my sister ever since the Season 7 premiere. The ponies are in awe. Fluttershy is obviously scared. Twilight decides that the ponies should go and help save the world, Celestia agrees the pony’s bar Rainbow Dash do not so Twilight and Rainbow sing an encouraging song to warm them to the idea.

  We’re Not Giving Up  

The ponies decide to go on the quest and their first stop is to find Captain Celaeno in The Diamond Sea on her ship – she was granted the gift of prophecy by Star Swirl a Bearded - she will tell them more about the mission at hand. The Ponies start their mission on a high. We cut back to Ponyville where Starlight Glimmer has gotten scroll from Twilight saying that the mission has started and that an evil power-hungry monster is on their trail and their going out to sea. She is confused and bewildered and comes to find that everypony in the town has found out about what happened and that The Cutie Mark Crusaders are trying to the save the town but Starlight thinks she has got that under control.   We cut back to Twilight's side where they are just getting The Friendship Express and meet a mysterious unicorn Tempest Shadow who seems to be spying on the ponies. They decide to confront her and   We cut back to Twilight's side where they are just getting The Friendship Express and meet a mysterious unicorn Tempest Shadow who seems to be spying on the ponies. They decide to confront her but when they meet up with her she does not seem happy, Spike notices her lack of a horn and decides to run into the train with Fluttershy not far behind, the other ponies decide to ask Tempest what is up, she boards the train ignoring the ponies. The ponies forget it apart from Twilight who follows her to the bathroom, where she find her talking to a mysterious voice. That voice is The Storm King, him and Tempest are converting messages, Tempest tells The King that the ponies are on the train the king tells Tempest to lure them in but before Tempest can respond Twilight and the ponies storm in, in heroic poses. Tempest ends the call and starts to deal with the ponies. She tells them that there is nothing they can do, our forces our stronger we have got a plan a plan that debunks anything you can think of, she says goodbye. She vanishes. The ponies are bewildered but then they see that the train is about to fall of the track so they use their magic, speed, strength, animal power, party canon and personality to get the train back on track.   The ponies get to Baltimare where they will find Captain Celaeno riding The Diamond Sea, she's not there the impatient Rainbow Dash sighs and says they should give up to Twilight's disgust.

  ​We're Not Giving Up (Reprise)</span>

  ​By the end of Twilight's glamorous reprise, they get splashed by some water, the ponies are soaking wet and soaking mad but to their luck it turns out to be Captain Celaeno who decides to take them to her crew. The ponies meet her crew who are a band of anthropomorphic cats, one of them is smooth Capper - the captain's right hand cat - they both encountered the storm king a long time ago and are willing to help the ponies but they say that they don't know everything about him but there is one creature who does Princess Skystar, the seapony princess. She's been a damsel in distress for years The Storm King took her into his castle as a trophy of his conquest he wanted a companion but Skystar escaped but she didn't make it very far she made it to Dead Pony's Peak which is near the dragon lands, she's been stuck there for years, ponies have tried to rescue her but, that's why it's called Dead Pony's Peak, she's the only creature to make it their alive, she knows a lot of things about the king mostly because she lived with him for 5 years so if the ponies can find them they'll be one stop closer to finding the castle. Rainbow asks why Capper or the Captain can't just take them to the castle, they respond by saying nobody knows where it is not even Skystar but she knows where you can find it so that'll give you a big lead. The ponies say there goodbye's and continue their quest. Their adventure has just begun.

  End Of Act One