​Saddle Row Review (9.7)

I love this episode! This comfirms Nick Confalone, my 2nd favourite writer on MLP, I have to admit out of all his episode his only one i gave less than 9 was Party Pooped and that arises his only problem, when he's adding new characters he doesn't make them the star of the episode.

We liked the yaks - but not really important to the story and not that memerable.

Pie Family - We all liked the pies but they didn't have more screen time than Applejack or Pinkie.

Plaid Stripes, Mr Stripes and Buried Lede - They were memerable but if they had a bit more screen time and more development they would be perfect.

I really think this episode is one of the funniest episodes since Maud Pie, Nick Confalone really hasn't actually had a bad episode,  Megan McCarthy did well for picking him for Season 5, and Josh Haber for renewing him for Season 6. Anway onto the episode.

It was awesome! It was a great Rarity epsiode whilst actually becoming an ensemble episode in it's entirity. If you asked me pre Season 5 which episode I'd prefer an ensemble episode or a one or two charcter story I would've said a one or two charcter story, but post Season 5, shows me an ensemble episode isn't really that bad!

Is it just me or does Nick Cofalone right like the love child of Amy Keating Rogers and M.A Larson, for me he has Amy's faults (Most obviously - lack of lots of deep character development) and M.A's pros (Funny, witty scripts).

The only thing holding me back from putting this episode on my top 10 of the series is that, Jim Miller (supervising director) said the Pinkie Pie clone was just a gag, seriously! If he would've just kept quiet and wait for us to guess that it's not a posibility, I would give this episode a ten. but I guess you can't have everything your way.

Season 6 = Ratings so far

Crystalling Part 1: 8.2​​​

Crystalling Part 2: 8.1

Gift of the Maud Pie: 8. 7

On Your Marks: 8. 5

Gauntlet Of Fire: 9.6

No Second Prances: 9. 4

Newbie Dash: 7. 6

A Hearths Warming Tail: 9.6 

Saddle Row Review: 9.7