Destiny Calls Part 1

After Starlight dreams of Queen Chrysalis returning she informs Twilight and her and her friends who try and figure out what is going on. 

Destiny Calls Part 2

When Queen Chrysalis returns, Starlight is too afraid to fight her off so she goes into personal exile forever. 

Set In Stone

When Rainbow Dash finds out that all the Wonderbolts went from sweet rookies to competitors, Rainbow starts to ponder her destiny.

A Blooming

When Apple Bloom searches through old collections at school for Family Appreciation Day she finds out some interesting facts.

Adventure Island

Applejack and Rainbow Dash are called by the map to go to some washed up island but all of the ponies are bloodthirsty brutes.

Pony Palooza

Pinkie Pie starts a daycare for little ponies and when she is left in charge of Flurry Heart and The Pound Twins things go wrong.

Territorial Wars

Starlight, Spike and Twilight have a reenactment of a Power Ponies chapter though they get a bit carried away.

Fluttering By

When the Ponies are getting worried that Fluttershy is ignoring them they try and find out what is going on with her. 

Ice, Ice Pony

It’s Hearths Warming Eve again but everpony is in a state of panic when the ice is freezing ponies so the main six try and fight back.


Wanting to embrace his pure evil Discord turns all of the Main Six back into their opposites and Spike and Starlight try to stop him.

The Performance of the Year

Sweetie Belle wants to rekindle her inner talent and writes a musical version of the pilot episode but 22 minutes before curtain everything goes wrong. 

Crystal Clear

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are sent to The Crystal Empire to solve a problem where the city is divided over a conflict that seems to be unsolvable.

Picture Perfect

Rarity goes to Baltimare on a business trip but when she meets Suri Polomare she is angry beyond all belief. 

Peace Be Upon No Pony

Princess Celestia is overstressed so Twilight, Luna and Cadance try and convince her to take it easy and stop overworking.


When Babs comes over to The Apple Barn, Applejack is suspicious when she catches Babs rekindling her old behavior. 

A Flight Reunion

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy go to Cloudsdale for a Flight Reunion but an unexpected pony (Lightning Dust) joins them.

Yearly Designs

When a critic from Canterlot critiques Rarity’s designs she overworks herself by jumping ahead in fashion. 

Jelly Belly

When Rarity sees Spike interacting with Starlight she gets jealous and tries and interferes. 

Queen of the Hill

Spike goes to the Dragon Lands and meets Ember stop a territorial war in her kingdom.

The Oldest Established

Rarity and Twilight get called by the map to Fillydelphia where they have to stop a civil war that is minutes away from happening. 

A Slick Trick

Trixie, Pinkie Pie and Starlight start tricking ponies but they become the talk of the town for the wrong reasons resulting in them running from crime.


Pinkie Pie runs for Mayor when ponies get tired of Mayor Mare but Twilight and her friends for some reason root for Mayor Mare. 

Nightmare Fright

Twilight tries to take on a totally different persona and becomes the trickster of Nightmare Night.

Friends Or Not?

Diamond Tiara and The Cutie Mark Crusaders find it hard to communicate with each other after the events of The Crusaders of the Lost Mark. 

Harmonies End Part 1

When Chrysalis manages to break Lord Tirek out of his Tartarus cell, The Mane Six, Starlight, Spike, Discord, Trixie and Thorax must fight both of them off.

Harmonies End Part 2

The fight turns into a nationwide war and everpony needs to evacuate Equestria but the fight becomes endless and gory.