1. Boast Busters

When episodes bore me I can still find some fun in them but with Boast Busters I wasn’t bored I was annoyed, not even episodes like Owl’s Well That Ends Well made me this annoyed sure Spike was a bit annoying and Owlalicious was a Mary Sue but at least I could chuckle at how bad it was. Trixie annoyed me heavily and Snips and Snails why are they characters? I’m at least happy that Buckball Season made Snails a bit less insufferable but why did they have to be the cause of the problem? Magic Duel was a great episode but it made this one worst because now we know Trixie can be written good!


Dishonourable Mentions


Owl’s Well That Ends Well              Show Stoppers                      Bird In The Hoof


  1. Dragon Quest

I want to like Spike but this episode does not help it is just so annoying like the first one I don’t really find it boring it’s even less boring than Boast Busters it’s just that. 1) Garble and the other teenage dragons are just so cringeworthy even more so than Gilda. 2) If G1 did a better job than this then I am not pleased in any way, if the first generation is better than this then it really isn’t doing it’s job properly. I don’t dislike this episode I loathe it one of my least favourite ever, Merriweather Williams you wrote Bats can you please do better than this!


Dishonourable Mentions


The Cutie Pox            May The Best Pet Win!        Baby Cakes                Putting Your Hoof Down


(The Mysterious Mare Do Well is not on there because it’s not as bad as the others and I don’t want to put 5 dishonourable mentions on.)


  1. One Bad Apple

Cindy Morrow, Babs Seed, Bullying? Should I say no more?


Dishonourable Mentions


Apple Family Reunion         Spike At Your Service


  1. Rainbow Falls

Funnily enough I do not hate this episode all I think is that I do not understand why Bulk Biceps and Fluttershy are on the Ponyville team and why this is Rainbow Dash’s key episode it could’ve easily been Daring Don’t but I guess that this will have to do for now.


Dishonourable Mentions


Trade Ya!        Power Ponies





  1. What about Discord

I had high hopes for this episode they were very lowered, What About Discord, what about this Episode? Why can’t Discord be written correctly for his last speaking role of the season, why?


  1. Applejack’s Day Off

The season hasn’t finished but this episode sucked!!!


Dishonourable Mention


28 Pranks Later