In MLP as a series all the episodes stand from amazing and highly entertaining to drop dead annoying episodes that stand no weight to the other stellar episodes that the staff has made but what glues the good and the bad together are the episodes as a bunch they stick together normally into 26 episodes (we'll get to that). From the episodes you'd think it would be easy to detect the good from the bad but some seasons have jaw dropping amazing episodes to ones that are so agrivating. The good episodes stand out but the bad episodes stand out even more becuase there are more good than bad so when there are bad it sticks out like a head injury! But I have deviced my favourite seasons to be honest this could change, Season 7 is right around the corner and that could be the best or the worst but for know this is my list of the seasons in My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Ranked.

​6.                      Season 1

You know I don't want to hate on this season it was quite good at it's time, the good episodes were really good and the humor was funny when writes cared it almost made you forget you were watching 6 pastel ponies and their talkign dragon who sends messages. But knwo that you really dicect it this does not hold a candle to other seasons, everything that season does good the other seasons do better. I love Lauren Faust but I like Meghan McCarthy and to some extent Josh Haber more. I really like At The Gala, Art of the Dress and Winter Wrap up but now I like This Day Aria, A True, True Friend and You'll Play Your Part more. Even the characters I didn't really care for Season 1 Rarity and to some extent even Twilight who gets much better in my opinion when Meghan took over and she wasn't shoe-horned into every episode. And you may like Nightmare Moon and Old Trixie but again Princess Luna and New Trixie are mcuh better characters. I don't want to hate on the first season because the staff are just finding their feet but with all the things that where done better and some episodes (looking at you Boast Busters) this is just plainly annoying.

​5.                      Season 3

​Like I said in my introduction every season has had 26 episodes. Apart from this one. I don't know what the Hub Where thinking but whatever they were smoking it aint good because there is no point whatsoever in making this a half season they could have easily done an as I say a Season 5 and 6 and could've made it split into two halves and make the 14th and 15th episode of the season just be a two parter that would've been much better though it would've made for a 39 episode season which would have been even more unbelivable. Even though I would say I like Season 1 less in this season there were so many duds and msot of the good ones where guilty pleasures. And the good episodes aren't really that good in the sense of good, well at least by the other seasons standards. Let's take Magical Mystery Cure for example it's a brilliant episode, a musical one for a matter a fact but it has so many holes, I know everyone jabs this knife at it  but the pacing is going From Where and Back Again, jeez! The things that really make this more decent than Season 1 are the songs I loved every song this season and the humor in some places is pretty good.

​4.                     Season 6

Some people might say 'Hey! InterGalaxtic Season 6 isn't over yet!' My response is I was in the UK for the month so I saw every episode on air, on Tiny Pop. And on the note yeah. The true thing is I really like it, it's a huge,huge improvment from Season 1 and 3 but it doesn't stand to the other three takign the top three spot this is mainly because I actually found out that this season has the least amount of songs for a whole season and playing 2 instruments I love music so this was a big bummer and also. Is it just me or are the episodes getting shorter and yes I am not that thick I know the episodes are still 22 minutes long but they just feel like there going so quick! Which is in no ways a bad thing. With all the seasons even the earlier ones I can tell it was written by the same exact people like all the time but this season almost feels like a new generation it has it's ties to the previous seasons but it just feels different in some way. In my opinion which I know Imperfect shares they ddin;t really use the explore Equestria theme enough for the most part we went to the same exact places which was kind a bore this just felt different and pretty solid this season has my least favourite episode Applejack's Day Off.

​3.                     Season 2

This season is in every way pretty stellar though I'm declaring it my 3rd favourite season in my opinion the duds in this season are so clear I could name every episode in this season and find at least one problem though with the good episodes the cons are few and far between and very minor. The songs in this season are top notch songs like a Smile and This Day Aria have been stuck in my head ever since their creation and don't get me started on the lessons this season I think they were the most concistent like the ones in Sisterhooves Social, Lesson Zero. Though I'm a critic and I've talked too much about the good let me talk about the bad Dragon Quest is my 3rd most hated episode ever and to put it plain my worst was in the previous season and my 2nd was in the first season so no more jaw dropping bad episodes left but when there are episodes like Cutie Pox, MMDW, Hearts and Hooves Day they are all so agrivating though Hearts and Hooves Day isn't really that bad it's just let me put it like this, this episode made me happy I'm a bachelor and 21.

​2.                     Season 4

Let me put it straight in my opinion this episode is in every way better than my number 1 but again in everyway it is not I adore the songs but even a musical geek can think that these songs are too much because you know as much as I love Pinkie Pride (favourite episode) I kind of actually like the songs more in the other season that takes the number one spot musical episode. Though personally this season is amazing it's finale and even it's premiere is amazing, I love the Discord in this season and everything else it's just so captivating but to be honest the season that takes the number one spot is even more captivating. I love this season though it's captivating, beautiful and when I first watched it I could not take my eyes off my TV screen. If I could say one thing it is that this episode explored so many new things though somehow it is not my favourite season ever because the best is yet to come.

​1.                     Season 5

I love this season it's amazing! The main reason I love this season because though I did say Pinkie Pride was my favourite, Ammending Fences blew me away in the best way possible, I'm always diverging between this and Pinkie Pride. This is an amazing season and I can't just wish this is everybody's favourite thoguh I'm guessing Season 4 wins that battle. And Can I just say the pony who has actually become my favourite character in all of MLP is now Starlight Glimmer I knew that since Re-Mark, Crystalling made me skeptical and Prances got it back on track. This is amazing and I think that this season did a great job introducing us to Starlight Glimmer and this season, guess what it did. rarity has a boutique in Canterlot! Her dream since Season 1 she has come full circle I'm just so happy that they resolved basically everything this season! Apart from Rainbow Dash being a wonderbolt you'll have to wait for next season to have that acomplished but all I can say know is that I love this season. This season is the best season in my opinion!

Okay now that we finished all I can say is that the seasons are all unique but Season 5 is my favourite and Season 1 is my least favourite that's good becuase that signafices that the show has gotten better since it's weirdly animated roots. Well done, I'll see you next time for more tops!