Hey there everyone, and welcome all to my first installment in the who is your favourite pony polls hosted by me, InterGalaxtic. Anyway this is how the competition works, I'm going to line up 64 characters on the show and you will have to decide who will make it to future rounds. Remember voting ends relatively quickly so you better vote quickly. Only 32 of the 64 can go through to the next round 2, there will be sub rounds e.g 1a, 1b, 1c because really I don't want 32 polls in one blog. Shall we begin, lets.

Let's kick off the first pairing with: Thorax vs. Spitfire! One is a kind Changeling who allies with the ponies of Equestria and the other is the sporty and asserted leader and coach of the aerial acrobatic team the Wonderbolts

Round One: Thorax vs. Spitfire

Thorax: 11

Spitfire: 6

Winner: Thorax

Next up we've got Starlight Glimmer vs. Trixie! Both aspiring unicorns one who has got tricks up her sleeves and the other from colt leader to protégé of Princess Twilight Sparkle!

Round One: Starlight vs. Trixie

Starlight Glimmer: 10

Trixie: 8

Winner: Starlight Glimmer

Following that we've got two ponies one always being in the spotlight and the other longing for the spotlight some times - Countess Coloratura vs. Sweetie Belle a talented unicorn and a filly with a hearty voice.

Round One: Coloratura vs. Sweetie Belle

Countess Coloratura: 5

Sweetie Belle: 12

Winner: Sweetie Belle

And last but not least we have got airhead villain Sonata Dusk vs. A Crystal Prep Academy student with an attitude Sunny Flare.

Round One: Sonata Dusk vs. Sunny Flare

Sunny Flare: 1

Sonata Dusk: 15

Winner: Sonata

​And proceding to the next rounds are...

  • Thorax
  • Starlight Glimmer
  • Sweetie Belle
  • Sonata Dusk