Welcome back to my first-installment of Who Is Best Pony! Last time I was pretty content about who won, though with Sunset and Twilight I really didn't see Twi winning, even though in TheGuineaPig45's blog Twilight won I actually thought Sunset would have a chance of winning (spoiler alert,  she didn't)! And Rainbow Dash thrashed Scootaloo, I'm not sure if I'm happy about that but all I can say is Principal Cinch vs Swi-Twi who didn't see Sci-Twi winning? Jeez, that was really predictable. Should we begin? Lets.

To begin we have possibly the two most fun ponies in the whole fandom! One of them has ditzy eyes and is associated with muffins (becoming her name for some reason, it's Derpy and the party loving official fun pony in Ponyville it's the one and only Pinkie Pie!

Round 4: Derpy vs. Pinkie Pie

Derpy 1

Pinkie Pie 12

Next up it's the most daring pony in Equestria, probably, Daring Do and the sensitive yet strong individual Fluttershy, who is your favourite?

Round 4: Daring Do vs. Fluttershy

Daring Do 0

Fluttershy 13

Next up is the young yet determined filly and one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders It's precocious little Apple Bloom! And the ditzy, really old granny, it's Granny Smith! Who do you like more?

Round 4: Apple Bloom vs. Granny Smith

Apple Bloom 11

Granny Smith 2

And last but not least it's the evil, maniacal non talking villain it's King Sombra! And the even more evil seductive dazzling with such a rich voice it's Adagio Dazzle! Who are you going to vote for?

Round 4: King Sombra vs. Adagio Dazzle

King Sombra 6

Adagio Dazzle 5

Au revoir, see you next time, the Losers bracket will start tomorrow so stay tuned! You may know turn away.

Progressing To The Next Rounds are...

  • Pinkie Pie
  • Fluttershy
  • Apple Bloom
  • King Sombra