Welcome back to my first-installment of Who is Best Pony! Last time I was pretty happy who won the rounds, though now I'm sad I put Starlight v. Trixie, I didn't even know who to pick! But utimetly, Starlight Glimmer forever, so let's begin again, shall we. The rules still apply so don't get all sneaky on me! Let us begin.

First we have got everyone's favourite Dragon (because Garble sucks) and assistant of Princess Twilight Sparkle Spike! And the hardworking and sometimes stubborn Applejack!

Round 2: Spike vs. Applejack

Spike 13

Applejack 6

Next up we have got the fun, close to another Pink Pony and Polka singer Cheese Sandwich! and the human loving and close to another certain background pony, green unicorn Lyra Heartstrings!

Round 2: Cheese Sandwich vs. Lyra

Cheese Sandwich 11

Lyra Heartstrings 7

Following we have got the new lord and slightly stubborn Princess Ember! and the quirky and really loving griffon who seeks out friendship and a cutie mark, Gabby

Round 2: Princess Ember vs. Gabby

Princess Ember 13

Gabby 4

And last but not least we've got the authority driven, princess of the whole entire land of Equestria, Princess Celestia vs. the fun loving chaotic reformed villain Discord!

Round 2: Princess Celestia vs. Discord

Princess Celestia 10

Discord 9

Proceding to the next rounds are...

  • Spike
  • Cheese Sandwich
  • Ember
  • Princess Celestia