Welcome back to my first-installment of Who is Best Pony! Last time I was pretty happy who won the rounds, apart from Princess Celestia and Discord I totally didn't expect Celestia to win it was so unexpected! Applejack v. Spike saw that one coming yay Spike! Should we get started? Lets.

First we've got the land bound pegasi filly with wavering self esteem and a rad cutie mark that she had waited for, for years it's Scootaloo! And high flying self confident Pegasus who took little Scootaloo under he wing and recently joined the The Wonderbolts it's Rainbow Dash!

Round 3: Scootaloo vs. Rainbow Dash

Scootaloo 4

Rainbow Dash 10

Next up we've got the adorable (waifu for some of us) bacon haired pony turned human Sunset Shimmer! And To Pony and Human Again Princess Of Friendship and the Element of Magic Twilight Sparkle!

Round 3: Sunset Shimmer vs. Twilight Sparkle

Sunset Shimmer 6

Twilight Sparkle 8

Following that we've got the fashion forward businesspony who follows Rules of Rarity it's Rarity and normally mute pony who works on a farm and has strength like I don't even know what it's Big McIntosh

Round 3: Rarity vs. Big McIntosh

Rarity 12

Big Mac 2

And last but certainly not least we've got the evil, bossy human in charge of Crystal Prep Academy it's Principal Cinch the one who went and unleashed the magic herself it's good guy turned bad guy turned goodie again it's Sci-Twi

Round 3: Principal Cinch vs. Sci Twi

Principal Cinch 1

Sci-Twi 12

And proggresing to the next round it's...

  • Rainbow Dash
  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Rarity
  • Sci-Twi