Hello everyone, this is Interactive Booster here on the MLP wiki

Since I've seen watching a lot of kid shows like Beyblade Metal Fusion, Megaman NT Warrior Axess, Transformers Prime, Astro Boy 2003, etc that had some dark tones and intense stuff. Here are my predictions on what will happen on episode two season two of MLP: FiM:

Around 3-6 minutes into the episode, while Twilight Sparkle is thinking about what do to restore her friends, Discord brainwashes her friends into either hurting Twilight Sparkle badly or killing her then killing each other while Discord destroys all of Equestria.

Around 7-10, Twilight's friends are planning to either hurt her or kill her. They chase Twilight around pony-ville.

Around 10-12, Celestia is preparing to fight Discord when Luna.....shows up.

Around 13-15, The Mayor declares state of emergency but Celestia and Luna announced that both Celestia and Luna and their friends will battle the evil Discord.

Around 16-19, Twilight's friends turn against and surrounds her and are about to either hurt her badly or kill her at the last moment.....until Luna says stop it in a bone-chilling echo. Luna decides to be one of the mane seven and tries to bring Twilight's friends together again. After a two minute leature, Rarity starts to cry after realizing what happened to her. Then Fluttershy starts to cry. Then the mane seven (even Rainbow Dash) but Twilight and Luna starts to cry. After the cryfest, they decide to stop discord all together.

Around 20-22, Celestia and Luna engages in a fight against Discord to end all crazy terror. When Discord strikes down Luna and about to finish her, Celestia sacrifice herself to Discord to save her sister and Celestia dies. Luna is enraged and goes Nightmare Moon on Discord's flank or "tail" but Discord is too powerful. Twilight Sparkle, her friends, and Luna use their Elements of Harmony to destroy Discord one and for all. Then when Discord dies, everything goes back to normal and Celestia is re-born again. And....Pinkie Pie throws a party...again.

Tell me your thoughts on this.

My Journal from DA on the prediction