I heard the redubbed voice for Derpy Hooves from The Last Roundup (from iTunes). To be honest, Derpy's re-dubbed voice isn't that bad. I kinda like her new voice. It doesn't fully fit Derpy's character and personality but it kinda works for me. However, the reasoning why Derpy's voice was re-dubbed, and that her name and her eyes were "un-derpped" are what annoyed me the most of this.

And I thought this Derpy issue was over.

I like her re-dubbed voice but her first voice done by Tabitha St Germain was kinda better in my opinion. But I really hate the reasoning why the episode from iTunes they not only re-dubbed the voice but un-derpped her eyes and her name "Derpy" wasn't named by Rainbow Dash at all.

That *kinda* loses the whole purpose of Derpy Hooves if you ask me.

I'm just expressing my rightful opinion at the moment.

And thank goodness for this journal entry that Kreoss made. It explains the whole Derpy issues in a mature manner. :D

What are your thoughts about this at the moment? To me, it's not a complete huge deal to me but it does slightly annoys me though and some of the inane reactions like OMG! MLP IS ENDING! ITZ 2012 ALL OVER AGAIN!, etc, etc kinda grinds my nerves a little when some of them even go as far as to insult other people for having different opinions about this. Just saying.