After I've re-watched all of season 1 and season 2, most of my opinions are still the same but there are a few episodes I feel that are really underrated and at times, hated on this whole series.

Here are some of the episodes I feel that a lot of people tend to overlook so much.

Rarity thinking S1E14

Suited For Success, my second favourite episode of MLP: FiM.

Suited For Success - While I think that a lot of people like this episode, I feel that some people don't apperciate this episode well. I've recently re-watched Suited For Success about three times and I still loved it. It showed Rarity's generous side and not just that but the song Art of the Dress is just amazing. I'm somewhat of a designer of art at school and I can relate to this episode very well. Which is why Suited For Success is my second favourite episode of all.

Look Before You Sleep - This episode showed that not all friendship is easy as Apple pie. It showed that Applejack and Rarity were unsure of their friendship due to their different personas. However I feel that this episode made some people realise about how friendship devlop. This episode should be a tad apperciated more in terms of friendship.

Applebuck Season - I should say that this episode was one of those episodes (Aside from The Show Stoppers) that I'm mixed about. But this episode was the first episode that showed that one of the mane six aren't always true to their element (In this case, Applejack). But what I don't get is that a lot of people say that Applejack is a terrible character. Same thing with people saying that Rarity's character is terrible. I personally think that both Applejack and Rarity are very good characters. About this episode though, I like it but there should be more episodes about Applejack. However, both Applejack and Rarity did get fair amount of screentime and decent character devlopment on another underrated episode from season two that some people hated so much.

Hearts and Hooves Day - Okay. I really do not understand why some people dislike this episode. It's most likely because FlutterMac, TwiMac, etc wasn't canon and CheeriMac was somewhat canon while at the same time it wasn't. And it aches me that this episode made a few people hate Cheerilee. I love Cheerilee and to be honest, I kinda like CheeriMac. If you're asking me about FlutterMac, no I do not support FlutterMac and here's my journal entry on why. And not to mention I love how Cheerilee is just so adorkable, and Big Mac being a heart-warming goofball. <3 Plus those CheeriMac scenes were so funny in my opinion and especially those mushy love-lines from Cheerilee. XD

So....what are your thoughts about this?